2024 Premier League: Michael Smith Reveals His Secret to Domination Over Luke Littler

Michael Smith secured his Play-Off spot in Sheffield, citing his World Championship title as his edge over Luke Littler. Optimistic for London finals rematch.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-17

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Dominant Performance in Sheffield

Michael Smith secured his place in the 2024 Premier League Play-Offs after a decisive nightly win in Sheffield. This marked his second nightly win of the season, 15 weeks after his first in Cardiff, solidifying his form as he heads into the finals in London’s O2 Arena next week.

Smith’s path to securing the fourth and final Play-Off spot was marked by a series of impressive victories. He comfortably defeated Luke Humphries 6-3 in the final, but it was his quarterfinal clash against close friend Nathan Aspinall that proved crucial. By besting Aspinall, Smith ensured his progression to the Play-Offs, a goal that had eluded him until now.

Consistent Success Against Luke Littler

Smith’s semi-final triumph over teenage prodigy Luke Littler further also showcased his prowess. Notably, Smith has maintained an almost unblemished record against Littler in the Premier League, winning five encounters, the most of any of his peers. 

Reflecting on his success against the 17-year-old sensation, Smith attributed his edge to his experience, particularly his status as a World Champion.

“I don’t have nothing over him apart from one thing. I have a World Championship, he doesn’t. He’s probably got better ability than. I’ve got a better throw, but everything else he’s probably better like his mental side. He’s also such a nice kid, he is amazing. He’s pushing the PDC even further,” Smith told 

“There’s a few that are getting upset with him, but listen, my pockets get full every time he gets mentioned, so it’s in our best interests that we look after him.”


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Optimism for the Play-Offs

As Smith heads into the Play-Offs, he remains cautiously optimistic about his chances. Despite his strong showing in Sheffield, he acknowledges the unpredictability of the upcoming finals.

“It’d be nice if we played in London tonight, wouldn’t it. I’d love to say it’s going to happen next week, but next week’s a different day. We’ve got six and a half days, but it’s all about rest for me now. Everyone’s got their own thing to do, it’s a different day. We’re all going to be at 100%, it will be a great night,” Smith stated.

The Premier League finals promise to be a thrilling conclusion to the season, with Smith set to face Littler once again in the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Humphries will take on Michael van Gerwen in what is expected to be a fiercely contested battle.

Aiming for Premier League Victory

Smith’s recent form and his strategic rest period in the lead-up to the Play-Offs could be the key to his first Premier League title. As he prepares for the finals, his blend of experience, skill, and determination will be critical in overcoming his formidable opponents.

The anticipation builds as fans and competitors alike await what promises to be an electrifying night of darts at London’s O2 Arena. Smith’s journey through the Premier League season has been marked by resilience and moments of brilliance, setting the stage for a potential crowning achievement in his career.

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