2024 Premier League: Michael van Gerwen Wins Night Two in Berlin

Premier League Night Two in Berlin at the Mercedes-Benz Arena was a thrilling affair, with 12,000 fervent German fans creating an electric atmosphere. Featuring a highly anticipated rematch between Rob Cross and Luke Littler, the event showcased top-tier darting talent and kept spectators on the edge of their seats with thrilling matches and nail-biting finishes. It was a night of darting drama and excitement that won't soon be forgotten.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

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Night Two at the Mercedes-Benz Arena

Amidst a frenzy of darting drama at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin, Premier League Night Two unfolded with an exhilarating array of matchups, highlighted by a highly anticipated rematch of the 2024 World Championship semi-final between Rob Cross and Luke Littler. 


The evening was a whirlwind of excitement, with each match delivering its own brand of intensity and suspense. From thrilling comebacks to jaw-dropping finishes, the action-packed night kept fans at the edge of their seats, showcasing the unparalleled skill and competitive spirit of the world's top darting talents. With a staggering attendance of 12,000 German fans, the event marked one of the largest professional darts gatherings in the calendar, adding an extra layer of fervour to an already electrifying atmosphere.


Nathan Aspinall vs. Michael van Gerwen

In the opening match of the night in Berlin, Michael van Gerwen and Nathan Aspinall clashed in their first encounter of 2024. Aspinall surged ahead with a commanding performance, taking an early lead with a solid opening leg and an impressive 11-dart break of throw to establish a 2-0 advantage. His dominance continued as he showcased his scoring prowess with a clutch 100 three-dart finish, extending his lead to 4-1. 


However, van Gerwen mounted a remarkable comeback, levelling the score at 4-4 by capitalising on Aspinall's missed opportunities. The Dutchman then seized control of the match, ultimately securing a 6-4 victory, marking his first win in the 2024 Premier League campaign.


2024PLBerlinQF_Van Gerwen 10.jpg

Michael Smith vs. Gerwyn Price

In a highly anticipated rematch of last week's final in Cardiff, Gerwyn Price and Michael Smith delivered another intense battle on the oche. Price made a strong start, securing the first three legs, with three emphatic two-dart finishes of 76, 80 and 56 respectively.  


However, Smith showcased his resilience, mounting a comeback to tie the game at 3-3, highlighted by an impressive big fish 170 finish in the fifth leg. Momentum then swung in Smith's favour as he claimed his fourth consecutive leg on the spin to take the lead for the first time in the match. 


Despite Price's efforts to level the score, including a remarkable 170 checkout of his own, Smith's consistency prevailed, ultimately securing a thrilling victory in a one-leg shootout. Both players displayed exceptional skill and determination, with their impressive averages exceeding 100, highlighting the remarkable standard of darts exhibited throughout the match.


2024PLBerlinQF_Smith 14.jpg

Luke Littler vs. Rob Cross

Luke Littler kicked off his performance in typical fashion, showcasing his prowess with a commanding opening leg that began with a perfect 180. Despite facing a formidable opponent in Rob Cross, Littler remained composed, with an impressive three-dart 103 finish and 130 checkout to take a 3-1 early lead. However, Cross demonstrated his resilience, staging a comeback to level the score at 3-3 with confident visits to the board. 


The Nuke then responded with characteristic determination, delivering an impressive 11-dart leg to regain the lead at 4-3, although Cross produced a stunning 144 finish to draw level once more. 


After both players then went onto hold throw once more, the 17-year-old's resolve proved unyielding as he clinched the final leg with a composed finish on double 15, securing a remarkable victory. With an impressive average of 104.2, Littler showcased his talent and cemented his status as a rising star in the world of darts, securing his second career victory over Cross in a thrilling encounter.


2024PLBerlinQF_Littler 11.jpg

Luke Humphries vs. Peter Wright

Both players traded legs to begin the match, holding their throws with apparent ease for the first four legs. However, the dynamic shifted in the fifth leg as Wright capitalised on an opportunity, executing a precise finish of 64 to secure a crucial break of throw. Despite facing pressure from Humphries, who levelled the score in the sixth leg, Wright remained composed, ensuring another exchange of holds to reach a deadlock at 4-4. 


Nevertheless, Humphries demonstrated his class in the closing stages, seizing control and cruising to victory with assured finishes in the final two legs, ultimately securing a hard-fought 6-4 triumph over the veteran Scotsman. Snakebite may not have been able to secure his first points of the season, although he did show signs of getting back to his best. 





Michael van Gerwen vs. Michael Smith

In a high-octane semi-final showdown, Michael van Gerwen and Michael Smith delivered yet another riveting display of world-class darts. Both players burst out of the gates with emphatic scoring in the opening legs, setting the stage for an intense battle. After an initial exchange of holding their own throws, van Gerwen seized a pivotal opportunity in the third leg, capitalizing on a slip from Smith to steal the darts and establish an early 3-1 lead. 


The Green Machine maintained his momentum with a solid hold of throw to extend his advantage to 4-1. However, Smith showcased his trademark resilience, mounting a remarkable comeback by winning three consecutive legs to level the game at 4-4, highlighted by an impressive 11-dart leg. 


The stimulus of the match continued to shift as Smith surged ahead with a stunning 96 three-dart finish to claim a fourth consecutive leg. Yet, van Gerwen demonstrated his own resolve, clawing his way back into the match to force yet another one-leg shootout. 


In a thrilling conclusion, van Gerwen delivered a spectacular performance, opening the decisive leg with consecutive 180s and ultimately securing the victory with a composed finish of 48, showcasing his unwavering prowess under pressure. The Dutchman also flaunted an incredible average of 107.1 during the match, the highest average of the tournament so far this season. 



Luke Littler vs. Luke Humphries

In an electrifying showdown between the two Lukes, the second semi-final unfolded with rapid-fire action from the outset. Both players asserted their dominance by holding throw in the opening legs, setting the stage for a tense battle. However, it was Luke Littler who made the first significant move, showcasing his prowess with an emphatic 96 two-dart finish to take the lead in the third leg. 


Despite Luke Humphries quickly levelling the game, Littler surged ahead with a crucial break of throw, seizing control of the encounter. Humphries responded with a world-class 11-dart leg to stay within striking distance, but Littler remained composed, holding his nerve to tie the game at 4-4. 


In a thrilling climax, Littler delivered a miraculous 76 finish to edge ahead, needing just one more leg for victory. Although Humphries mounted a valiant comeback to force a last-leg decider, it was Littler who held his nerve, securing his spot in the final with a composed performance. With this victory, Littler not only avenged his previous loss to Humphries in the World Championship final but also marked his third consecutive win over his opponent since then. 



Final: Michael van Gerwen vs. Luke Littler

In a thrilling conclusion to the Premier League night in Germany, Luke Littler and Michael van Gerwen battled fiercely for supremacy on the oche. Littler showcased his mettle early on with a solid 12-dart break of throw, setting the tone for a gripping encounter. 


Although, van Gerwen swiftly responded, demonstrating his class with a series of impressive legs to take a narrow lead. Despite Littler's resilient efforts to level the game, van Gerwen's experience shone through as he capitalised on missed opportunities to secure a hard-fought victory. With two missed match darts at double 10 from Littler, van Gerwen seized the moment, clinching the final leg to emerge triumphant in Berlin. 


The win not only cements van Gerwen's status as a formidable force in darts but also propels him to joint second place in the Premier League table alongside Littler, with both players trailing behind the current leader, Michael Smith.


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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