2024 UK Open: Master of Mindset Dmitri Van den Bergh Secures Semi-Final Spot

In the battle for a UK Open semi-final berth, Belgian star Dmitri Van den Bergh clashed with Martin Lukeman, both aiming for PDC glory. Van den Bergh dominated early but faced a resilient Lukeman. Ultimately, Van den Bergh's mental strength and dominance secured his semi-final spot, attributed to the impact of sports psychology on his game.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-03

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The Final Place in the Last Four

Belgian sensation Dmitri Van den Bergh aimed to secure consecutive UK Open semi-finals but faced a formidable challenge against the in-form Martin Lukeman. Despite flying somewhat under the radar in the tournament, both players stood on the brink of potential PDC major success as they prepared for their clash.


The scene was prepared for the last quarterfinal match, offering the opportunity to advance to the semi-finals alongside Luke Humphries, Ricky Evans, and Damon Heta.

Van den Bergh Dominates Early Exchanges

Van den Bergh entered the stage with determination, claiming the initial four legs of the match, punctuated by a dazzling 132 three-dart finish. Despite Lukeman clinching the fifth leg early on, he trailed 4-1 as the players headed into the first interval.

A Game of Momentum Swings

After the impressive beginning, Van den Bergh's average gradually dipped below 90, providing Lukeman with an opening to stage a comeback. Seizing the opportunity, Lukeman secured three out of the following four legs. 


However, both players seemed to struggle with nerves, hindering Lukeman's ability to capitalise on his momentum. Van den Bergh pounced on Lukeman's faltering once again, breaking his throw once more to restore a two-leg lead as the match approached its final stages.



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Dimi into the Last Four

The Dreammaker reignited his momentum with a burst of three treble visits over the next three legs to seize control of the match. He sealed his dominance with a composed 88 three-dart finish, extending his lead to 9-4 over Lukeman.


Despite missing four match darts in the 15th leg, Van den Bergh remained unfazed. He swiftly secured his spot in the semi-finals by clinching the next leg and the match with a successful double eight. 

A New Look Van den Bergh

Conclusively, in a significant development contributing to Van den Bergh's recent resurgence, he attributes his success to the incorporation of sports psychology into his routine. In a recent interview with SportsBoom.com, the Belgian highlighted the impact of his sports psychologist, emphasising how the newfound confidence and altered approach to high-pressure situations have propelled him to another televised PDC major semi-final.

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