2024 Ladbrokes UK Open

Experience the thrilling 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open at Butlin’s Minehead Resort from March 1-3. Watch live matches on ITV3, ITV4, and PDCTV, and stay up to date with results, and exclusive interviews as 160 players compete for the top prize of £110,000. Stay tuned for the tournament schedule, and the exciting format and prize money breakdown. Join us for the unparalleled excitement of the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open!

Inside Dimitri Van den Bergh’s Mental Mastery that Inspired his UK Open Win
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Louis Hobbs
Lead Journalist
Last Updated: 2024-03-04
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Dimitri Van den Bergh's triumph at the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open underscores the importance of resilience and mindset in sports. Guided by his sports psychologist, Van den Bergh maintained composure, despite facing crowd hostility. His strategic adjustments and respect for opponent Luke Humphries highlight the spirit of sportsmanship. This interview with SportsBoom.com explores Van den Bergh's journey to victory and the role of mindset in his success.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-06-04

Wade McElwain

2024 Ladbrokes UK Open: The "FA Cup of Darts"

The 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open, also known as the "FA Cup of Darts," is set to take place from March 1-3 at Butlin's Minehead Resort. This unique tournament features a 160-player field, including Tour Card Holders, qualifiers from various development tours, and amateur qualifiers, all vying for a £110,000 top prize and TV glory.

Format and Prize Money:

  • First Round-Third Round: Best of 11 legs
  • Fourth Round-Quarter-Finals: Best of 19 legs
  • Semi-Finals & Final: Best of 21 legs
  • Winner: £110,000
  • Runner-up: £50,000

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What is the location of the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open?

The location of the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open is Butlin's Minehead, England.

How can I watch the matches of the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open if I am not in the UK?

You can watch the matches of the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open on ITV4 for UK viewers, or through the PDC's international broadcast partners. You can also watch them on PDCTV for Rest of the World Subscribers.

Can spectators attend the matches in person, and if so, how can they purchase tickets for the event?

Yes, spectators can attend the matches in person. Weekend packages are the only official way to purchase tickets and include accommodation at Butlin's for the duration of the tournament, access to all Butlin's amenities, and tiered seats for all six sessions. Tickets are currently sold out, but you can check the Butlin's website for further information.