2024 UK Open: Luke Humphries Eyes Fifth Major Title in Five Months

Ricky Evans faced a monumental challenge in his first major PDC semi-final against world number one Luke Humphries. Despite Evans' reputation as the fastest player, Humphries' precision proved too much to handle. As Humphries advances to the final, he aims to secure his fifth major PDC ranking title in five months.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-03

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David vs. Goliath

Facing off against world number one and reigning world champion Luke Humphries in his first-ever major PDC semi-final, Ricky Evans was confronted with the most significant match of his career. Aware of the need to elevate his performance to new heights, especially after his quarter-final clash against Rob Cross, Evans faced the daunting task of proving himself against the formidable opponent.

No Match for the World Number One

In the opening exchanges, Luke Humphries showcased his dominance, maintaining a near 100 three-dart average over the initial five legs. Evans struggled to find opportunities at doubles as Humphries surged ahead, leading 5-0 into the first interval. The narrative seemed to favour Humphries as Evans faced an uphill battle against the world number one. 


Following the break, Evans managed to secure a leg, reducing his deficit to 5-1. However, an arduous struggle on doubles in the seventh leg allowed Humphries to extend his lead once more.



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A Sprint not a Marathon

Despite his reputation as the fastest player on earth, Evans couldn't replicate his quarterfinal performance against Rob Cross. Ironically, it was Luke Humphries, not Evans, who crossed the finish line first, winning the match 11-2. 


Humphries, operating at his usual high standard, maintained an impressive average of 98.86 throughout the match. While slightly below his customary ton plus, it was more than enough to defeat Evans. 


Moving forward, Cool Hand Luke is set to face Belgian star Dmitri Van den Bergh in the final, where he aims to clinch his fifth major PDC ranking title in five months.

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