2024 UK Open: Premier League Stars Place a Bounty on Luke Littler’s Head

In the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open, Rob Cross and Luke Humphries secured quarterfinal spots with dominant performances. Both eye potential showdowns with rising star Luke Littler, envisioning captivating finals that would thrill fans worldwide. As anticipation builds for the quarterfinals and the prospect of facing Littler, the tournament promises thrilling encounters on the Butlin's Minehead stage.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-02

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Cross and Humphries into the Quarterfinals

In the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open, Premier League stars Rob Cross and Luke Humphries demonstrated their prowess on the dartboard, securing their places in the quarterfinals with commanding victories.


Rob Cross showcased his experience and skill as he comfortably defeated young Irish talent Keane Barry with a resounding 10-4 victory. Despite Barry's potential, Cross's precision and determination on the second stage left little room for doubt about his dominance in the match.


On the mainstage, reigning world champion Luke Humphries displayed his championship calibre by overpowering veteran Mervyn King in a similarly decisive fashion. With a composed and focused performance, Humphries solidified his spot among the tournament's top contenders with a convincing win.

Dreaming of a Showdown with Luke Littler

In post-match interviews with SportsBoom.com, both Cross and Humphries expressed their eagerness for a potential showdown with rising star Luke Littler in the latter stages of the tournament. Littler's impressive performances and media attention have fuelled their hunger for success, making them even more determined to face him on the oche.

Humphries Envisions a Fitting Final Encounter

In a reflective moment, Luke Humphries emphasised the significance of a potential showdown with Luke Littler, envisioning it as a fitting final that would captivate fans worldwide. As Humphries eloquently stated, "Luke Littler and I have been the most consistent players throughout. want to give the fans what they want. It would be a fitting final." His acknowledgment of their consistency underscores the remarkable journey both players have undertaken in the tournament. 


Moreover, Humphries's desire to give the fans what they want speaks to his commitment to providing an unforgettable spectacle on the Butlin's Minehead stage. With the prospect of facing Littler in the final, Humphries recognises the opportunity to recreate the magic of their clash at the 2024 World Championship. A rematch between the two talented contenders would undoubtedly evoke anticipation and excitement among fans, as they eagerly anticipate the prospect of witnessing a thrilling showdown between two of darts' brightest stars.



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Cross's Unwavering Confidence

Rob Cross echoed Humphries's sentiments, expressing his unwavering confidence and hunger for victory in facing Luke Littler. "There’s no backing down from me, I’m here to play darts. When I’m pushed, I’m hungry and I play better, so give me Luke Littler," Cross asserted. 


His determination to challenge Littler underscores the competitive spirit and high stakes of the tournament. Additionally, the prospect of facing Littler holds deeper significance for Cross, as it would mark a potential rematch of the World Championship semi-final between the two players, where Littler emerged victorious. This narrative adds an extra layer of intrigue to their potential encounter, as Cross seeks redemption and aims to overturn the result from their previous meeting on the grand stage.



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Anticipation Builds for Potential Showdowns

With both players poised to face formidable opponents in the quarterfinals, the prospect of a clash with Littler in the later stages adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament. As Humphries prepares to take on reigning Masters champion Stephen Bunting and Cross faces Rapid Ricky Evans in the next round, fans eagerly await the unfolding drama and the possibility of witnessing thrilling encounters between darts' seasoned veterans and its rising star.

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