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2024 UK Open: Mensur Suljovic Backs Himself to Beat Anyone After MVG Comeback Win

Mensur Suljovic's impressive 10-7 comeback win against Michael van Gerwen in the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open highlights his resilience and skill. Despite acknowledging van Gerwen's dominance, Suljovic capitalised on opportunities and expressed newfound confidence. Ready to face any opponent, he aims to recapture past glory before retiring from competitive darts and potentially transitioning to exhibitions in Austria.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-02

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The Gentle Giant Disarms MVG

Following his sensational 10-7 comeback win over Michael van Gerwen in the fourth round of the 2024 Ladbrokes UK Open, Mensur Suljovic expressed both admiration for his opponent and confidence in his own abilities.

Beating the Best in the World

Suljovic humbly acknowledged Michael van Gerwen's status as the best player in the world, stating, "Michael van Gerwin is the best player in the world at the moment." Despite his recent challenges, Suljovic expressed contentment with giving his best effort. 


Reflecting on his remarkable victory over van Gerwen, the Austrian emphasised seizing the moment. "I haven’t been doing as good recently, but I gave my best. I saw a moment and I won it”, he told after the match. 

Capitalising on Missed Opportunities

Additionally, Suljovic revealed the depth of his preparation and determination, disclosing, "I’ve been practising every day for the past six months." This commitment to honing his skills underscores his dedication to re-developing his craft. 


Observing Michael van Gerwen's performance in the Premier League, Suljovic identified a potential opportunity. He noted, "I saw that Michael [van Gerwen] didn’t play as well yesterday in the Premier League and thought maybe I have a chance."


Suljovic's astute observation of van Gerwen's form allowed him to approach the match with a renewed sense of confidence, knowing that he had the ability to capitalise on any weaknesses displayed by his esteemed opponent. Despite harbouring some anxiety before the match, Suljovic's unwavering belief in his own abilities ultimately propelled him to victory.



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Mensur Can Beat Anyone

The victory over van Gerwen further injected Mensur Suljovic with a surge of confidence, evident in his declaration, "This is a brilliant feeling. If I can beat him, I can beat anyone." 


Suljovic's bold assertion reflects his newfound belief in his abilities and his fearlessness as he progresses into the latter stages of the tournament. Buoyed by his triumph over one of the sport's giants, Suljovic approaches future matches with a sense of determination and self-assurance, ready to take on any opponent that crosses his path. With his sights set on recapturing the peak form he displayed in 2018, Suljovic is poised to make a formidable impact in the remainder of the competition. 

One Last Dance

Finally, the 51-year-old looked ahead to his future in the sport, with his words carrying a sense of urgency and determination. “I want to get back to my Premier League best in 2018 and get back to playing my best before I go back to Austria full-time. Maybe I’ll just play exhibitions over there”, he added.

Expressing his desire to return to his Premier League best from 2018 and deliver peak performances before retiring from the game in two years, Suljovic acknowledges that this may be one of his last opportunities to vie for another PDC ranking title. 


With aspirations to retire in his homeland of Austria and potentially transition to playing exhibitions, Suljovic is keenly aware of the significance of each match and the importance of making the most of his remaining time in competitive darts. 


As he continues his journey in the Ladbrokes UK Open and beyond, Suljovic remains focused on leaving a legacy in the sport, driven by his unwavering passion and commitment to excellence.

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