PDC World Darts Championship 2024

The PDC World Darts Championship, an event synonymous with precision, passion, and the festive season, is one of the most anticipated tournaments in the darts calendar. Annually held at Alexandra Palace in London, this championship not only showcases the talents of the world’s best darts players but also captures the hearts of millions of fans globally.

darts player posing with a trophy
Louis Hobbs
Lead Journalist
Last Updated: 2024-01-04
7 minutes read

In a riveting World Darts Championship final, Luke Littler's fairy tale journey concluded against new world champion Luke Humphries. We had the opportunity to have a post-match conversation with both players, and here's their take on the match, as well as exploring Littler’s impact on the growth of darts and a potential debut Premier League year for both players.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-06-04

3 minutes read

As the pinnacle of professional darts, the championship typically runs from mid-December to early January, making it a unique sporting event that blends seamlessly with holiday celebrations. This period sees fans from all walks of life unite in their love for the game, either by attending the iconic ‘Ally Pally’ venue or by tuning in from around the world.

The PDC World Darts Championship, first held in 1994, has grown exponentially in popularity and prestige. Its format involves a mix of seeded players and qualifiers, ensuring a dynamic and unpredictable competition. The tournament’s increasing prize pool, which reached a record high in recent years, not only underscores the sport's growth but also the skill and dedication required to compete at this level.

Beyond the statistics and thrilling matches, the championship is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere. Spectators often dress in elaborate costumes, contributing to the carnival-like ambiance that is as much a part of the event as the darts themselves. This unique blend of high-stakes competition and festive spirit makes the PDC World Darts Championship a must-watch event and a highlight of the sporting year.

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