Cricket Betting Rules

Sportsboom breaks down the ins and outs of cricket betting rules so that you are confident when placing your first cricket bets.

Jon Young
Jon Young

Last Updated: 2024-06-21

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The best cricket betting sites use strict rules to determine how they pay out on bets. Cricket wagers can be voided for many reasons, including abandoned games. It’s important to understand fully the cricket betting rules before you complete your bet slip and tap the ‘Place Bet’ button. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how bookmakers set the rules in cricket for all customers to avoid challenges further down the line.

General Cricket Betting Rules

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You can find a full list of general rules on all online sports betting sites that cover cricket. The bookmaker will usually display, in writing, their company policy on all eventualities:

  • Use of official tournament and match results
  • Abandoned, postponed, or canceled matches
  • Shortened match time (e.g. Duckworth-Lewis-Stern)
  • Weather-affected games (Tests, T20, ODI, County Championship)

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cricket betting rules imposed by online bookmakers.

Validity of Bets

All bets must be made by customers holding a valid account. Bets stand, regardless of the odds or information displayed on the betting site.

Official Statistics & Results

Approved cricket betting sites will always use official data and results from the ICC (International Cricket Council) to settle bets.

Weather-Affected Limited-Overs Matches

The cricket betting site will usually void any T20 or limited-overs match if less than 80 percent of the overs have not been completed. This could cover The Big Bash, the Indian Premier League (IPL), or T20 World Cup.

Duckworth-Lewis-Stern (DLS) Method

The Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method is a way to work out the number of runs needed to win for a team batting second. The DLS winner is honored by the betting site when they come to pay out on bets. 

Weather-Abandoned Games

Bets on matches that are canceled before they start due to the weather are void. Similarly, 1st-innings bets are void if the team batting second hasn’t been able to play their innings.

Abandoned Games

The bad weather aside, cricket matches may be abandoned due to crowd trouble or other external factors. Again, the cricket betting rules usually impose a void bet.


Batters can retire during a game injured, but for a settled bet, it won’t count as a wicket taken.

Individual Cricket Betting Market Rules

Cricket betting sites also publish settlement rules for individual match outcomes. These can include props on each team or individual players:

  1. Team Props (e.g. Total Runs, X Team to Score X Runs)

  2. Batter Props (e.g. Top Team Batter)

  3. Player Runs

  4. Bowler Props (e.g. Top Team Bowler/Wicket-Taker, Tournament Wicket-Taker)

  5. Total Runs (Session/Match)

  6. Runs in Next Over

  7. Total Wickets (Session/Match)

  8. Highest Score for First 5/10/15/20 Overs

  9. Highest Opening Partnership

  10. Next Man Out

  11. Most Fours/Sixes

Total Runs

The betting site pays out based on the total runs for a team or the match. Bets are voided if the required number of overs haven’t been played.

Most Fours/Most Sixes

The total number of fours or sixes is settled on boundaries scored by the batter. Over-throws and extras won’t count toward the total.

Dot Balls

Dot balls is an area that has historically been open to abuse by match-fixers. It’s a bet on the total number of dot balls bowled. A dot ball MUST be a legal delivery, but the minimum number of overs must be played or the bet is voided.

Player Runs

The Top Batsman bet stands if 40% of the scheduled overs are bowled for each innings. The batter must face at least one ball from the crease. A ‘not out’ score for the batter counts as their total runs.

Top Team Batter (Match) 

In test matches, the Top Team Batter bet applies to the 1st innings only. 50 overs in the test must be bowled unless the innings are completed before the overs have been played.

Top Team Wicket-Taker (Match) 

As with Top Team Batter, the Top Wicket-Taker bet is settled after the first innings only.

Player Specials

Cricket betting rules also cover specific wagers on how players are dismissed, and when.

Method of Dismissal

The method of dismissal covers several methods, including:

  • Bowled 
  • Caught
  • LBW
  • Run Out
  • Stumped
  • Timed Out
  • Hit Wicket

Of course, a batter may retire. In this case, the Method of Dismissal bet is void. 

Next Batter Out

Again, official ICC results are used to determine the next player out. A bet is void if the player retires injured, or the batter is still at the crease at the end of the match. 

Over Specials

Many cricket betting websites let you bet in-play on the outcomes of the next over. Here are some common Over bets and their rules.

End-of-Over Score

The bookmaker uses official ICC data to determine the score. Wides and no-balls are included.

Runs in Over

This is a bet on the total runs in that over. Again, ICC stats are used. The total runs for the over stands if the match ends before the over has been bowled.

Number of Fours/Sixes in Over

Only sixes and fours off the bat count towards calculating this bet. In general, overthrows do not count toward the total number. The over must be completed (unless the match ends).

Wicket in Over

Any wicket taken during the current over results in settlement. Run-outs are allowed when assessing a wicket.

Final Thoughts

The best cricket betting sites display rules for every outcome in a match or championship. With some smart cricket betting strategy and keeping tabs on market rates, you can make the right bets and factor in void wagers if the weather scuppers your picks.