Ollie Ring

Ollie Ring

Sports Betting Writer

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Favourite Football Team

Watford FC

Favourite Away Ground

Crystal Palace

Favourite Football Moment

Troy Deeney scoring vs Leicester to take Watford to Wembley

Favourite Cricket Team


Favourite Cricket Moment

Ben Stokes sensational knock in the Ashes

Favourite Sporting Movie

There’s Only One Jimmy Grimble

Ollie Ring is an experienced sports-writer, having produced gambling and sports content for well over 5 years. An avid Watford fan, Ollie has been to over 55 of the football grounds in England and has also held a season ticket at the home of Surrey Cricket Club, The Kia Oval.

Would you rather Watford won the Champions League or England won the World Cup?

That’s a tough question, but I’m going to say England win the World Cup. The national frenzy when England go deep in an international competition is incomparable. Plus, if Watford were to win the UCL, we’d probably have too much money and have lost our soul

Favourite 90s football quote?

It’s cliché but has to be Keegan’s “And I’ll tell you honestly, I will love it if we beat them. Love it”

Ollie Ring

Ollie also has a passion for esports, and has bylines with sites such as the BBC, Press Association, Red Bull and more. If you’re a fan of VAR and the removal of FA Cup Replays, there’s a good chance you and Ollie won’t get along.