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Lewis Crocker vs Jose Felix

The Battle of Belfast brought us the main card of Lewis Crocker vs Jose Felix, which ended in a 5th round stunner.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-01-28

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Lewis Crocker vs Jose Felix

The main event at the ‘Battle of Belfast’ featured a title opportunity for Jose Felix to challenge hometown favourite Lewis Crocker for the WBO Intercontinental Welterweight title.

Sadly Lewis ‘The Croc’ Crocker was overweight heading into the match, clocking in at 150 pounds, 3 pounds heavier than the maximum for his class, making him an overweight welterweight. 
Despite The Croc being on the heavy side, Mexico’s Jose Felix opted to go ahead with the chance to vie for the belt. Originally from the gang infested Sinaloa region, the 31 year old Felix has always risen to the fight.

Heavily buoyed by the Belfast faithful, the tanned, toned, and with marks of back ‘cupping’, Crocker looked like he may have been training at a resort in Marbella prior to the match.  He came to the ring relaxed, bronzed and ready to defend his title in a short turn around. 

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The Rounds

Round 1 started with a confident Croc standing mid-ring and daring Felix to come at him. Adapting a formidable guard, Croc was able to bully the centre of the ring, as Felix danced and tried to find ways to penetrate the Crocs defences. Felix was able to smack Lewis in the head a few times, but this round was all about the Croc setting the tone.

Ding ding to round 2, where the Croc continued to plant his weight in the centre of the ring looking to rhino up, in an attempt to let Felix tire himself out by hauling off negligible body shots. 
The Croc goes on the offensive with body shoves, as the crowd offers advice, and Jose goes for desperation in the back of the head grab.

Felix comes out swinging in round 3, as he connects with a few head stunners that turns the Crocs facial tan into a swollen sunburn.  Crocker continues to assert dominance, although a punch to the gonads slows him down for a bit, only for the Croc to chomp back as Felix is docked for the crotch shots, and his desperation has now turned to a big 'D'. 

Round 4 is where it got exciting as the smile that the Croc flashed in round 3 was even bigger now, as he he pummelled Felix with a series of body blows that moved the Mexican across the ring and into the ropes. Jose was able to get back on his feet after an 8 count, but the look on Lewis’ face said it all, ‘we’re in the end game now.’

Round 5 was a Bee Gees soundtrack, as it was all about ‘staying alive; for Jose Felix. Wounded from his last round, the Croc was on the hunt, as he connected on the face of Felix with a left hook that almost send the Mexican on the ropes and out of the ring.  It was all over at that point, as Lewis Crocker got a TKO at 1:54 in the 5th round to maintain his title.

Belfast put on a proud display of boxing talent, as well as a rowdy bunch of enthusiast fans, let’s hope to return there for some amazing fights. 

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Wade McElwain
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