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49ers massive comeback stuns the Lions

Brock Purdy led the 49ers to overcome a 17 point deficit to defeat the Detroit Lions for the NFC Championship.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-01-29

Umaima Saeed

It wasn’t looking good for Brock Purdy and the 49ers heading into the locker room at halftime in the NFC Championship game.

Leaning on his rushing legs, Lions coach Dan Campbell put his tandem of Montgomery and Gibbs to the task early, gashing San Fran’s top notch D, and giving Gibbs 2 touchdowns at the break.

With the Detroit Lions leading 24-7 at the half it seemed that everyone, including Eminem thought that this game was pretty much over. After all, how much rally could Brock Purdy have left in him anyway?

The third quarter was not only demonstrative, it was monster as the 49ers did indeed find their inner warriors, as they rallied for 17 key points in the 3rd, and giving the Lions a donut.  The real momentum changer came when Brendon Aiyuk hauled in a beauty of a catch that bounced off the visor of a Detroit defender.  A seismic shift could be felt at Levi’s stadium then, and it wasn’t another earthquake.

In the second half, the San Francisco 49ers showed why they were the top team in the NFC, relying on their stalwarts like McCaffery, and Deebo to put relentless pressure on Detroit, something that they have struggled with late in the game.

It didn’t help that Dan Campbell continued to ‘go for it’ in situations where they really shouldn’t have. Up 24-10 in the 3rd, Campbell opted to go for the fourth down on a ridiculous play to Joh Reynolds that helped the 49ers find their second half footing.

The fairy tale ending for the Detroit Lions for this season is now over, as they have failed to reach their first Super Bowl ever, again.  San Francisco becomes the first NFL franchise to reach the Super Bowl with 5 different starting QBs (Montana, Young, Kaepernick, Garoppolo, and Purdy) as they look to avenge their loss to the Chiefs a few years ago.

Super Bowl LVIII will take place Sunday February 11th in Las Vegas, and will feature the Kansas City Chiefs vs the San Francisco 49ers….again. 

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Wade McElwain
Wade McElwainSenior Sports Writer

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