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Chiefs take down Bills-punch AFC title ticket

The Kansas City Chiefs have sent the Buffalo Bills home again, after another stunning playoff loss.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-01-23

Umaima Saeed

Buffalo Bills fans were left to shovel their own tears from their face (for free) after another gutting loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Playoffs on Sunday night, in a 27-24 nail-biter.

The tandem of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce was once again too much for the Bills, who were once again dumped out of the playoffs by the Chiefs, despite winning the AFC East title for the 4th year straight. It truly was a cold night in Buffalo. 

D and the Cold

Offensive output paled to the weather and the strength of the defence play on both sides, as neither quarterback was able to top 220 yards in this frigid face-off.  Despite having home field advantage, and a boisterous Buffalo faithful, Patrick Mahomes was once again able to throw the warm dagger into the cold hearts of the Bills fans.  They of course rewarded Mahomes with a flurry of snowballs after the game for it, but went home still sad nonetheless.  It was the Chiefs D that once again stepped up to win it for them, but it does seem that Mahomes and co. are ready to hold that chalice again. 
Kansas City moves on to face the Ravens while Buffalo Bills have far too many questions to address after another failed attempt at a Super Bowl push, as they head to Cancun or warmer places to forget. 

What the O?

Cold weather games are known to be light on the passing, but it was surprising to see two big shooters like Allen and Mahomes fail to hit their overs.  Allen was 26/39 and a paltry 186 passing yards, but he was able to make up for this with 72 rushing yards-making him second only to Steve Young in seasonal rushing yards by a QB. 
Mahomes went 17/23 for 215 yards, and 2 touchdowns which went to Travis Kelce-he then shared them a love-heart with Taylor Swift in the heated boxes. Awww!
Kelce and Mahomes set a playoff record with most receptions to a tight-end with 16, beating Brady and Gronk’s 15.

A Game of Kicks

Kicker for the Bills-Tyler Bass was quick to heap the blame onto himself, after shanking a 44 yard field goal with 1:47 remaining in the game to tie it up. Yes, Bass should be good at making those at his home stadium, but even if Buffalo would have tied it, that’s still almost 2 minutes of time for Patrick Mahomes, who famously shredded the Bills in ’13 seconds’ in a previous postseason game. Don’t blame yourself Tyler, even if your house gets pelted with snowballs for the next 4 months.

Oh Buffalo!

Another hopeful season down the drain for the Bills, and the questions start to get louder, as the roster starts to get paid. 
Stefon Diggs has gotta go, after a six week string of games that saw him not even top 50 yards a game, plus there’s the drama. 
Sure, the defence was absolutely obliterated over the past few games, but they didn’t play that bad, it was a whole team stink.  There is only so long Buffalo Bills fans can tolerate get playoff ditched again before they start demanding some big, and substantial changes. 

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Off to Baltimore

The Chiefs now face a Baltimore Ravens team which is way different since they last played them in week 2 of the 2021 season. Boasting the number one defence in the league, plus that Saturday smackdown of the Houston Texans that had the rest of the league a little bit scared. 
Mahomes doesn’t have the benefit of home advantage the rest of the way, but with a 13-3 post season record, it doesn’t seem like he’s worried.

Wade McElwain
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