Chris Conley Ready for Challenge of Facing Former Team in Super Bowl

49ers wide receiver Chris Conley is ready to face his former team in the Super Bowl.

Richard Graves
Richard Graves

Last Updated: 2024-02-06

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As the San Francisco 49ers prepare to face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII, wide receiver Chris Conley is excited for the challenge of facing his former team. Conley started his career with the Chiefs and played alongside quarterback Patrick Mahomes during Mahomes' rookie season in 2017. Now in his 9th NFL season, Conley reflects on the journey to reach this point as he sits down with Richard Graves in an exclusive interview with SportsBoom ahead of the Super Bowl on February 11th in Las Vegas. 

Long Journey to the Super Bowl

When asked about the journey to the Super Bowl, Conley said: "It's been a trying one at times, but you know, I just want to thank my family and God for sticking with me through it. At this point in my career, being able to step on this stage is an honour."

Conley has bounced around the league after starting in Kansas City, making stops in Jacksonville and Houston before landing in San Francisco this season. The road has not been easy, but Conley remains grateful for the opportunity. Not bad for a player that was originally born in Turkey, while his father served in the US air force. 

Facing a More Mature Mahomes

Conley also reflected on the differences between Mahomes as a rookie compared to the quarterback he's become. "He is truly a field general. There's light years of difference between the player that he is now and when I last was with him full time."

According to Conley, Mahomes is now more assertive and has mastered the Chiefs' offense. "It's not really a learning game for him anymore. He's more teaching, he's in a teaching role in that offense.” Facing Mahomes will be a tough challenge, but one Conley is excited to take on.

Motivated to Win Against Former Team

With a chance to win the Super Bowl against his former team, Conley is using that as motivation. He called the Chiefs "the enemy" and made it clear bringing home the Lombardi trophy for the 49ers is the focus.

Conley said: “They were gracious enough to give me that opportunity to come out there and try to catch back up on the offense. But this week, they're the enemy."

After starting his career in Kansas City and having a brief return last season, Conley is putting the reunion aside to help the 49ers win their first Super Bowl since 1994.

Keys to Victory for 49ers

When asked what the 49ers need to do to win on Sunday, Conley kept his answer simple: "We gotta play our game. We gotta put a full game together."

He emphasized all three phases - offense, defense and special teams - firing on all cylinders for a complete team effort. If the 49ers can execute in all areas, Conley is confident they can take home the championship.

It won't be easy against this Chiefs team, but Chris Conley is ready for the challenge as he hopes to win his first Super Bowl title against his former squad.

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Winning it for San Fran

Conley admittedly is focused on the 49ers faithful in this epic match-up, since the team hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1995.  “The Bay is electric right now, you know, on our way out…they gave us a sendoff…and a lot of fans have been sending their well wishes. We're just excited to be able to go out there and to play for 'em, you know, and to, to bring that home.”

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers compete in Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday February 11th, with kickoff at 6:30pm EST. 

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