The Selflessness and Dominance of 49ers Guard Aaron Banks

With Super Bowl LVIII just around the corner, Richard Graves had the chance to talk to 49ers guard Aaron Banks on keeping Brock Purdy safe.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-02-07

Richard Graves

San Francisco 49ers left guard Aaron Banks has been a critical piece of the team's offence and their journey to Super Bowl LVII. In an interview with Richard Graves for SportsBoom, Aaron discusses his team, the city, and how they are ready for their Super Bowl spotlight. 

Bringing Others Along Through Selflessness

When asked about fellow offensive lineman, and veteran Trent Williams, Banks stressed his selflessness and desire to make those around him better:

"He's never been one to, or me say he's always been one to help bring guys along…he wants to help the guys around him get better… ‘cause I mean… I believe that for O-line, you're only as strong as your weakest link."

Banks added that this mentality of lifting up others is critical for an offensive line, saying "it's a real teammate's job, you know, to be a O-lineman."

Dominating Through Technique and Power

In addition to his selflessness, Banks attributed Williams' elite blocking ability to his combination of technical skill and sheer power:

“He’s super explosive, very strong, nimble, quick…he can really make any block that you can think of. And he, he moves really well in space as well, and is explosive and powerful, you know, in that's his technique and fundamentals, the way he works his hands, he is just, you know, you turn on the film and watch any game and, you know, you see he’s a Hall of Fame player.”

A testament to the kind of player that Banks is that he can shine such accolades on his veteran lineman. 

Embodying a Physical, Protective Mentality

When asked about playing on the offensive line, Banks emphasised the physicality and protective nature of the position:

"I love being able to…as Harry Houston would say in college…you move a man from point A to point B against his will. And to be able to do that and just physically enforce dominance on a, you know, another player is, is fun."

Banks enjoys the challenge of going up against defensive players and exerting his will despite their best efforts. It’s this mentality that makes him such a valuable asset in protecting Brock Purdy on Sunday. 

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"And to be able to do that and just physically enforce dominance on a, you know, another player is, is fun."

On being a strong O-line

Supported By a Passionate Fan Base

Banks also discussed the 49ers' dedicated fans that follow them wherever they go. He praised their energy and passion:

"Our fans are the best. Our fans are the best. I mean, you saw it in that, in that stadium last night, man. They're, they're in there booing and, and cheering and, and you know, even to the end…we were just kind of talking to the media and the mosh pit. They're in there screaming the whole time  and chanting and you know, they're awesome. We love the people."

Aaron Banks' comments highlight the selflessness, skill, physicality, and supportive fans that have carried the 49ers to the Super Bowl. His words provide insight into the intangibles that make the difference on championship teams, and could well see the 49ers hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl LVIII on Sunday February 11th. 

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