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2024 Tour Championship: Carter Triumphs Over Hawkins, Sets Sights on O'Sullivan

Ali Carter dominates Barry Hawkins in electrifying match, sets up clash with Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-02

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Carter on Brink of Quarterfinal Berth

Ali Carter's electrifying first session performance set the stage on fire at the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Tour Championship as he dazzled the crowd with a remarkable 135-century break. With every precise shot, Carter established his dominance, marching into the evening session of day two with an imposing 7-1 lead over none other than the European Masters champion, Barry Hawkins.

In a gripping race to 10 frames, Carter found himself merely three frames away from clinching victory and securing his berth in the quarterfinals of the tournament. A tantalising prospect awaited him in the next round, a grudge match against his long-term rival, the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan. As the tension mounted, Carter's commanding performance against Hawkins hinted at a fierce battle yet to unfold on the green baize.

Hawkins Clawing for Redemption

Hawkins faced an uphill battle in his quest to advance, yet he commenced the match in stellar form. Despite a somewhat scrappy frame, the Hawk capitalised on initial missed chances from Carter, clawing back to secure the opening frame.

Showing resilience, Hawkins surged ahead in the second frame of the session, establishing an early 56-point lead. Although unable to clear the table, a routine miss shot on the black provided Hawkins with an opportunity to regain control, ultimately clinching his second consecutive frame, clawing back the deficit to 7-3 in favour of Carter. 


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A Battle of Momentum

In the third frame of the session, the Hawk surged into yet another early lead. However, the tide quickly turned when Carter, following a missed long red, seized the opportunity to return to the table. With precision and determination, Carter cleared the table in two visits, notching up 64 points to secure his first frame of the session.

Although, undeterred by the mounting pressure, Hawkins regained yet another leg just before the mid-session break. Displaying his skill and composure, he crafted an outstanding break of 80, narrowing the gap to Carter's lead. 

Carter’s Response

Hawkins refused to back down, intensifying his comeback with a sensational century break of 118, marking the second highest break of the match.

However, a crucial miss on a medium red early in the following frame once again swung the momentum in Hawkins' favour, allowing him to capitalise with a break of 60, establishing a comfortable lead in the 14th frame. Yet, the Captain swiftly regained control, orchestrating a 57 break of his own to complement his earlier nine points. With this resurgence, Carter positioned himself just one frame away from victory. 


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The Comeback Isn’t Over Yet

In a pivotal moment, Hawkins then seized another frame opportunity after a routine miss on the yellow. 

Almost favouring Carter, fortune turned as Hawkins faltered on a long red in the subsequent frame. Despite Carter's solid break of 48, Hawkins capitalised on the opening, extending his remarkable comeback with another frame win. 

Additionally, after a missed frame red from Carter, Hawkins took yet another frame following a re-spotted black. The 44-year-old had managed to turn a 7-1 deficit into 9-8 showcasing true grit and determination on the baize.

Up Next, Ronnie O’Sullivan

With a decisive performance, Carter finally secured the victory at 10-8, after taking a 60-point lead which proved more than enough for Hawkins to overcome. The stage is now set for an eagerly awaited showdown with Ronnie O’Sullivan in the next round. 

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