2024 World Snooker Championship: Kyren Wilson Addresses Key Challenges in Grassroots Snooker

Kyren Wilson reflects on snooker's dedication, shares his journey, urges grassroots support, and invites youngsters to embrace the sport's accessibility and drama.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-30

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Breaking onto the Snooker Scene

After a dominant 13-6 victory over Crucible debutant Joe O’Connor at the 2024 World Snooker Championship, Kyren Wilson, known as the Warrior on the table, took a moment to reflect on the state of professional snooker and the challenges faced by aspiring young players.

Wilson expressed his concern about the dwindling number of young talents entering the professional snooker arena. He emphasised the level of dedication required to excel in the sport, highlighting the stark contrast to other more mainstream sports.

"I think it's just the sort of level you have to hit. It’s a game that you can't dip in and out of. You have to be very dedicated to it. Whether or not these children want to dedicate their lives to that, which is a tough ask, or they want to go out and play football, tennis, golf or whatever,” he told

Wilson's words shed light on the rigorous demands snooker places on its players, requiring countless hours of practice and unwavering commitment to master the game.

Kyren’s Personal Journey

Sharing a personal anecdote from his own journey, Wilson revealed the pivotal moment at age 11 when he had to make a choice between football, eight ball pool, and snooker. It was a decision fuelled purely by passion.

“For me, I hit a crossroads when I was 11 years old. I played football, and I was playing eight ball pool for England and then my snooker. My mum turned to me and said, listen, we can't keep doing all three, and I made the decision of snooker. That's just because I just loved it. It is very unique in that way."

Wilson's story underscores the unique allure of snooker, a sport that demands not just skill but a deep-seated passion to succeed.


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Encouraging Grassroots Participation

In light of the challenges faced by young snooker enthusiasts, Wilson stressed the importance of fostering grassroots participation and nurturing talent from an early age. He urged both players and media to play a more active role in encouraging the next generation of snooker players.

“Obviously, we just need to keep encouraging it really,” he added. 

Promoting Snooker to Youngsters

When asked how he would promote the sport to youngsters, Wilson highlighted its accessibility and the sheer enjoyment it can offer.

“I would say it's very accessible. You can go down multiple clubs, get on a table at very little cost and it can be really enjoyable. It’s an easy game to make fun, it doesn’t have to be serious. I would say get along to places like The Crucible, come and see how amazing it is and what drama can be created here.”

Wilson's words serve as an invitation to embrace the excitement and drama of snooker, inviting young enthusiasts to explore the game first-hand.

As Kyren Wilson continues his journey in the World Snooker Championship, his reflections offer valuable insights into the challenges and joys of professional snooker, inspiring both current players and future generations alike.”

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