2024 World Snooker Championship: Kyren Wilson Prepares for First 'Real' Crucible Final After Feeling Robbed of Experience in 2020

Kyren Wilson reflects on his evolution since the 2020 final, embracing crowd pressure, refusing the 'favourite' role, and anticipating a fairy-tale finale.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-05

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Securing His Second Crucible Final

Following a commanding 17-11 victory over David Gilbert in the first semi-final of the 2024 World Snooker Championship, Kyren Wilson finds himself in familiar territory, reaching his second ever Crucible final. His first foray into the final was in 2020, where he faced the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan in a losing effort.

Anticipation for a Packed House in Sheffield

Reflecting on the upcoming final, Wilson expressed his excitement at the prospect of playing in front of a packed house at the Crucible. The Warrior’s first final in 2020 was played in-front of a reduced crowd due to the COVID guidelines at the time and was one of the first sporting events in the UK that allowed live spectators into venues. 

“I can't wait. I'm just going to soak it all in. It's something that I've always had in the back of my mind thinking, what if you never? Life is very short. You never know if you're going to get that opportunity again, with a packed crowd,” he told

The Impact of Crowd Pressure

The 32-year-old then went onto acknowledge the added pressure that comes with a full-capacity crowd, especially after playing in front of limited spectators due to COVID guidelines in his previous final. 

He noted, "I was robbed of that experience last time, in terms of an atmosphere and the environment. This time the crowd do add a different element of pressure.”

Development Since the 2020 Final

Reviewing his journey since the 2020 final against Ronnie O'Sullivan, Wilson revealed, "I think I don't panic anywhere near as much." 

He delved into the past, recognising moments where panic could have derailed his performance. He admitted, "There probably would've been a point back then where if it wasn't quite going right, panic alarms would've gone off and maybe my game would've deteriorated."

The defeat against O'Sullivan served as a pivotal learning experience. "I've gathered the experience and I've learned a tough long lesson that if you keep your emotions and you keep yourself in that positive mental frame of mind, you give yourself a chance of performing,” Wilson highlighted. 

Contrary to popular belief, Wilson asserted that it wasn't necessarily the pressure of facing O'Sullivan that hindered him in the 2020 final. Instead, he attributes his struggles to inexperience and mental insecurities. Through self-reflection and dedication, he has transformed those weaknesses into strengths.

Now, as he approaches the 2024 final, Wilson exudes confidence in his ability to handle whatever challenges come his way. He expresses, "I feel like I can sort of handle whatever's thrown in my way."


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Wilson Won’t Embrace the ‘Favourite’ Role

As Wilson gears up for the highly anticipated final of the 2024 World Snooker Championship, he finds himself in a position unfamiliar from his last Crucible appearance in 2020. Back then, he was labelled as a serious underdog, facing off against the legendary Ronnie O'Sullivan. However, this time around, Wilson is being targeted as the favourite to clinch the title.

Yet, despite the expectations placed upon him, Wilson remains grounded and humble. He adamantly states, "I don’t think I’ve got any more right anyone else to win it." In his eyes, the journey to the final has been paved with remarkable victories for all contenders.

Wilson points to the impressive feats of his fellow competitors, Jak Jones and Stuart Bingham. He highlighted their victories over esteemed opponents, with Jones defeating Judd Trump and Bingham besting Ronnie O'Sullivan. 

These triumphs, as Wilson emphasised, have levelled the playing field, giving each finalist an equal chance at glory. In essence, Wilson refused to buy into the notion of being the favourite. He sees himself as part of a trio of potential finalists who have defied expectations and risen to the occasion. 

A Fairy-Tale Final

Finally, addressing the growing popularity of snooker, Wilson sees the potential for a fairy-tale ending regardless of the outcome of the final. 

“I feel like Snookers up on the rise, it's becoming very, very popular and more people seem more and more interested, and I think it's going to be a bit of a fairy-tale final for whoever wins. I think it's going to be a fantastic watch and I'm very grateful to be a part of that,” he predicted.

In summary, Kyren Wilson enters the 2024 World Snooker Championship final with a blend of anticipation and confidence, prepared to embrace the challenges of a packed Crucible crowd. With a refined mindset and an appreciation for the journey, Wilson stands poised to write the next chapter in his snooker career.

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