2024 World Snooker Championship: Kyren Wilson Confident It’s Now His Time to Lift Snooker’s Greatest Prize

Kyren Wilson's dominating performance and Higgins' endorsement position him as the one to beat. Facing David Gilbert next.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-02

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Dominating Quarterfinal Performance

Kyren Wilson showcased his remarkable break-building prowess and attacking style, securing a decisive victory over the seasoned John Higgins at the 2024 World Snooker Championship

With a commanding 13-8 win, Wilson not only secured his fourth semi-final appearance at the Crucible but also emerged as a formidable contender for the coveted world title.

Higgins' Endorsement of Wilson's Favouritism

Following his defeat, Higgins, a snooker legend in his own right, offered high praise for Wilson's performance, acknowledging the young player's emergence as a favourite for the championship title. 

“I would have to say Kyren [Wilson] would be favourite. You’ve got Bingham, who’s a previous winner, he knows what it takes to win.”

“But on present play right now and watching him and his mannerisms around the table, I would have said even with Ronnie [O’Sullivan] in, I would have said Kyren would be tough to stop,” he told

In the same dramatic session, the greatest of all time, Ronnie O’Sullivan, also unexpectedly exited the competition, falling to Stuart Bingham. However, Higgins' endorsement of The Warrior, Wilson, remained steadfast even in the hypothetical scenario where O’Sullivan remained in contention. This underscores not only the high regard in which Higgins holds Wilson but also highlights his exceptional form and composure on the table.

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Wilson's Humble Confidence

In response to Higgins' remarks, Wilson humbly accepted the endorsement from one of his childhood idols, expressing gratitude for the acknowledgment of his talent and determination. Despite facing off against Higgins, Wilson revealed his deep admiration for the veteran player and his enduring respect for his accomplishments. 

“John [Higgins] has been one of my idols growing up. You can't see him in that way when you're up against him. But secretly I always wish him well and always hold him in really high regard.”

“So yeah, it's obviously, it's really nice to have comments like that and John's been there and done it. One of the toughest match players of all time, so he knows what it takes. I must be doing something right.”

Wilson's acknowledgment of Higgins' stature in the sport highlighted the mutual respect between the players, even amidst fierce competition on the Crucible stage.

Embracing the Favourite’s Mantle

Buoyed by Higgins' endorsement and fuelled by his own unwavering confidence, Wilson embraced the mantle of tournament favourite, expressing belief in his ability to seize the championship title. With an unwavering determination and a steely resolve, Wilson affirmed his readiness to confront the challenges ahead, knowing that his time to claim the ultimate prize may have finally arrived. 

"Absolutely, yeah. I have it. I have it every year I come here. Sometimes it doesn't happen, one day it might."

David Gilbert Awaits

As the semi-finals draw near, all eyes are fixed on Kyren Wilson, the rising favourite whose electrifying performance has captivated fans and players alike. His next challenge awaits in the form of David Gilbert, setting the stage for a thrilling clash of talent and determination on the Crucible stage.

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