Who are the 5 Fastest Players in the NFL?

Ever wondered who the 5 fastest players in the NFL are?

Who are the 5 Fastest Players in the NFL?
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Last updated: 2023-11-03

Who are the 5 Fastest Players in the NFL?

The need for speed is a coveted asset in the NFL, and the quest to identify the league's fastest player is a topic that continually captures the imagination of football enthusiasts. Not only that, the speed issue is a constant bragging right in locker rooms and on social media, as many players claim to be the 'fastest'.

With a plethora of lightning-quick wide receivers, nimble running backs, and agile cornerbacks, the competition for the title of the NFL's fastest player is fierce.  So let's take a look at the speed stats and determine once and for all who are the top fastest players in the NFL in 2023.
To determine who the fastest player is in 2023, one only has to look at the roster of the Miami Dolphins to get the answers. The Dolphins boast the all-around quickest players in the league, with one man continually sticking out.

1. Tyreek Hill

You don't get a nickname like 'The Cheetah' without having a bit of a reputation for being the fastest. Since moving to the Dolphins, Tyreek Hill has continued to pile on the yards, as well as demonstrate some very impressive speeds. In Week 5 against the New York Giants this year, Tyreek reached a top speed of 22.07 mph on a 64-yard reception in the second quarter. This put Hill on top of the Next Gen Stats for the 2023 season as the fastest player but also put a target on him for others trying to top that speed.

2. De’Von Achane

Another fast player on the Dolphins' squad is rookie running back De'Von Achane, who has been putting up some crazy speeds all season. Despite being placed on injured reserve in Week 5, Achane was able to notch up some truly impressive sprints, including hitting 21.93 mph against the Broncos in Week 3 and 21.76 mph against the Giants. Who knows, if it weren't for injuries this year, the diminutive De'Von might have been able to top Tyreek?

3. Raheem Mostert

Throw another fish on the scales, as fellow Miami Dolphin Raheem Mostert clocks in at third place on the 2023 speed scale. This NFL veteran has been around the league for eight years, but it wasn't until he returned to Miami in 2023 that Mostert finally found his legs again. Raheem hit 21.62 mph during his Week 2 matchup with the Patriots, but with Achane injured, there are more chances for Mostert to break the speedometer this season.

4. Kenneth Walker

Another running back with a need for speed is Seahawks youngster Kenneth Walker. The 23 year old has made many fantasy owners happy with his bountiful 2023 performance, as well as hitting a gazelle-like 21.56 mph in Week 8.  Look for Kenneth Walker to move up the charts, as this Seattle speedster continues to find more running room this season.

5. Ja’Marr Chase

Coming in at number 5 might be controversial to some, but the Bengals Jamar Chase has posted the 7th fastest time thus far when he hit 21.54 mph in Week 5 against the Cardinals. With Joe Burrow getting healthier, there is a chance that Ja’Marr could find himself in the top 3 by the end of the season. 

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So, in terms of the current fastest player in the NFL, Tyreek Hill tips the scales to take the 'W' on this one. Looking at the entire 2023 Miami Dolphins squad, there is definitely potential for a 4x100m relay team.
But right now, Tyreek Hill is the fastest person in the NFL. 

Of course, the great thing about the fastest person in the NFL contest is that it's always open for debate.
Remember John Ross?  He was fast.  Real fast.
But that’s another post.

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