Is the NFL Scripted or a Realm of Unpredictable Outcomes?

Attention conspiracy theorists we have the answer you are looking for on whether 'the NFL is scripted.'

Is the NFL Scripted or a Realm of Unpredictable Outcomes?
Wade McElwain

Written by: Wade McElwain

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Last updated: 2023-11-17

Is the NFL Scripted or a Realm of Unpredictable Outcomes?Icon

The NFL has been a pillar of American sports culture for decades, captivating audiences with adrenaline-pumping games, fierce rivalries, and unforgettable moments.  However, amid the excitement and fervour, a persistent question often arises: Is the NFL scripted or a realm of unpredictable outcomes?
Conspiracy theories surrounding the scripted nature of professional sports, including the NFL, have circulated for years. Skeptics and theorists alike point to various elements within the league that seem, to some, too perfectly orchestrated to be mere coincidence.
Of course, many of these theories begin to circle after major losses or upsets. 
One common argument stems from the notion that the NFL, as a multi-billion dollar industry, may manipulate outcomes to maximise profits and maintain audience engagement. Critics highlight instances where seemingly improbable or dramatic moments occur, suggesting these events are strategically designed to enhance viewership and keep fans on the edge of their seats.

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Deflategate Sours Fans

The infamous “Deflategate” controversy involving the New England Patriots, where footballs were allegedly tampered with during a playoff game, fuelled suspicions of league manipulation. Some fans perceived the subsequent penalties and suspensions handed down by the NFL as calculated moves to create a narrative, further perpetuating doubts about the league's integrity.
Tom Brady also acquired the status of ‘Teflon Don’ during the whole procedure, as nothing stuck to him. 

Lottery Winners and Losers

Moreover, the concept of the NFL Draft and its lottery-style system for team selection has sparked speculation. Critics argue that the draft order might be manipulated behind closed doors to favour certain teams or generate storylines that drive interest and ticket sales.
After all, if only 32 teams keep winning ‘the lottery’, wouldn’t they be more inclined to hold that information to themselves? 
However, despite these conjectures, the NFL vehemently denies any allegations of scripting or manipulation of game outcomes. The league emphasises the integrity of the sport and the dedication of players, coaches, and officials to the principles of fair competition. They assert that the unpredictability of football is precisely what makes it so compelling—no scripted storyline could replicate the raw emotion and unpredictability of the game.

Tough Game to Script

Moreover, the complexity and intricacies of football make it exceedingly challenging to script. The multitude of variables—player skill, weather conditions, coaching strategies, injuries, and more—contribute to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of each game. Attempting to script such a multifaceted sport would be an immense and nearly impossible task.
The sheer ability of a league and/or teams to be able to script Josh Allen throwing 5 interceptions in front of a hoe Buffalo faithful would garners Oscars and Emmy’s just for the amount of boo’s that would rain down on him. 

While conspiracy theories persist, many sports analysts and enthusiasts dismiss the idea of scripted games as implausible. The sheer number of individuals involved in each match, from players to referees, makes it highly improbable to orchestrate a scripted outcome without detection.
From the miraculous “Hail Mary” passes to unexpected underdog victories, the NFL’s history is replete with moments that seem too extraordinary to be scripted. These instances of sheer athleticism, strategic brilliance, and unforeseen turns of fate reinforce the belief in the authenticity of the sport.

Sorry to all those kids out there that were hoping that the NFL is scripted, but it is not. 

Rumours and suspicions regarding the scripted nature of the NFL persist, the evidence supporting such claims remains largely anecdotal and speculative.  The league's consistent emphasis on fair play, combined with the complexity of football itself, suggests that the notion of scripted games is more myth than reality.  Ultimately, the passion, dedication, and unpredictable nature of the NFL continue to captivate audiences, solidifying its place as one of the most beloved and fiercely competitive sports leagues in the world, even if it is unscripted. 

Wade McElwain

Wade McElwain

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