The Taylor Swift Effect on Super Bowl 58 Tickets: Insights from StubHub

Global superstar Taylor Swift might be at the Super Bowl on Sunday, so how does that effect ticket sales?

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-02-09

Richard Graves

As Super Bowl 58 approaches, the excitement surrounding the event reaches fever pitch, with ticket sales and trends under close scrutiny. In a recent exclusive interview with Richard Graves for SportsBoom with StubHub's Adam Burdelli, he delved into the impact of the Taylor Swift phenomenon on ticket dynamics and market trends, providing valuable insights into the intersection of sports and entertainment. With the NFL putting on their biggest show on Sunday, StubHub still has tickets avaialble. 

Taylor Swift's Unprecedented Influence

Adam Burdelli elucidated on Taylor Swift's profound impact on ticket sales, particularly for the Kansas City Chiefs. He revealed, "We saw the largest spike in visits and sales on a single day than we did the entire season for the Chiefs." This remarkable surge underscores Swift's ability to captivate diverse audiences and drive engagement beyond traditional boundaries.

According to Burdelli, "It was about a 180% change in the amount of visits within that first 24 hours for the next home game of the Chiefs." These figures highlight the undeniable influence of Swift's presence, transcending geographical constraints and resonating with fans globally.

Swift's Global Appeal

Burdelli emphasised Swift's global phenomenon, noting, "We already have purchases from 16 different countries, and we expect that to even continue to grow as we get closer to Sunday." This international interest underscores Swift's universal appeal, as fans from diverse backgrounds converge to witness the spectacle of Super Bowl 58.

Furthermore, Burdelli highlighted the significance of Swift's association with the Kansas City Chiefs, stating, "People are willing to go start supporting another team to maybe catch a glimpse of her just in person." This sentiment underscores Swift's ability to transcend traditional fan loyalties, influencing ticket sales and fan engagement across the sports landscape.

While Swift's influence is undeniable, Burdelli shed light on other factors shaping ticket prices, including the proximity to California and the influx of San Francisco 49ers fans. He noted, "About 38% of our sales have actually come from California," highlighting the impact of regional demographics on market dynamics.

In addition, Burdelli speculated on pricing trends, suggesting, "The prices may actually go up...the amount of demand, knowing that we only have 3000 tickets as of Thursday, could be through the roof." This insight underscores the delicate balance between supply and demand, with limited ticket availability driving prices higher as the event draws closer.

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Balancing Market Equilibrium

Despite the soaring prices, Burdelli provided reassurance, stating, "The average ticket price sold is still hovering around $8,600, which is in line with what we saw two years ago in LA." This data-driven approach highlights StubHub's commitment to providing transparency and accessibility within the ticket marketplace, ensuring a balanced equilibrium for buyers and sellers alike.

As the Taylor Swift effect continues to reverberate through the ticket landscape of Super Bowl 58, shaping market dynamics and driving unprecedented levels of fan engagement, regular fans might be left out.
With only a few thousand tickets left, Swifty-mania, and the most expensive Super Bowl of all time, it’s no wonder most fans are opting to watch the game at home.

Super Bowl LVIII kicks off at 6:30pm EST on Sunday February 11 from Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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