Jason Solari is Shooting for the Paris Olympics

Competitive air-pistol shooter Jason Solari discusses his chances of making the Paris Olympics.

Wade McElwain
Wade McElwain

Last Updated: 2024-02-02

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Jason Solari Olympic Shooter

SportsBoom’s Wade McElwain recently had the opportunity to speak with air pistol shooting athlete Jason Solari about his training leading up to the 2024 Paris Olympics. At 24 years old, the Swiss marksman is aiming for a podium finish, as well as balancing his life with being a professional metal fabricator. 


When asked how he adjusts his training as a competition approaches, Jason explained that he reduces the quantity to focus more on fine-tuning details. He also credits his experience at the Youth Olympic Games for giving him valuable exposure to the immense scale and pressure of such international events. “YOG was a wonderful experience, it was an immense event in a distant country.”


In terms of equipment preferences, Jason favours the 10m distance with a Morini compressed air pistol. For mental resilience, he uses a double breathing technique to control nerves and refocus when needed. Jason also works closely with his federation for travel logistics, as transporting air rifles and pistols requires special permits.  After all, traveling with air pistols around the world isn’t easy so it’s good to have a team to help out.


Jason might be young, but that doesn’t mean that he’s up to date with the latest technology, in fact it’s the opposite, ‘technology has little influence on me, I'm not a big fan of technology in sport, I'm a very instinctive type.


International Competition

While every country will have talented competitors in Paris, Jason cited shooters from athletic powers like China and India as likely favourites to watch. But he remains dedicated to his own preparation, with several World Cups and the European Championships ahead.

When asked about his 2024 goals, Jason humbly shared that making the podium would be tremendous, but representing Switzerland well on the world stage is his top ambition. With his diligent training and mental tenacity, this Swiss sharpshooter just may be on target for Olympic success.

As for the reality of the Olympics, Jason keeps it simple, ‘in the Olympics everyone is very good and in order to win you have to beat everyone.’

Wade McElwain
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