2024 Tour Championship: Mark Selby Flirts with the Thought of Retirement Post-Defeat

Mark Selby expresses disappointment in Tour Championship performance, contemplates retirement, and explores post-snooker plans, sparking speculation about his future.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-02

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Disappointment in Performance

Following his 10-8 defeat to Gary Wilson in the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Tour Championship, Mark Selby didn't mince words about his disappointing performance. The former world champion expressed deep disappointment in his display, candidly admitting, "Start to finish I was pathetic and didn't deserve to win."

Selby's frustration was palpable as he reflected on his struggle to find form during the match. He acknowledged his efforts to battle through but conceded that his performance fell short of his expectations. "Obviously. I tried to battle, but it was terrible," Selby told

Contemplating Retirement

The defeat seemed to prompt introspection from Selby, who contemplated the future of his career. "If I carry on playing like that then maybe it for me," he reflected. The possibility of retirement loomed large as Selby questioned whether he could continue in a sport where he no longer found joy. "It's a big competition and if you can't get yourself up for competitions like this, then obviously there's something wrong," he lamented.

Selby's musings on retirement didn't emerge solely from disappointment in his performance but also from a broader assessment of his career trajectory. Despite his dedication to the game, Selby acknowledged the need for results. "I'm putting the work in. It's not that I'm not putting the hours in and just not practising. I'm working hard and nothing's happening, so maybe it's time to do something else," he confessed.


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Exploring Post-Snooker Plans

The possibility of a career shift wasn't lost on Selby, who hinted at potential post-snooker plans. "I would probably just get into property. Start buying properties and letting 'em out and stuff like that," he revealed. While contemplating a transition away from professional play, Selby expressed gratitude for his career's financial stability, enabling him to explore new ventures while staying connected to snooker in some capacity.

“I've been fortunate enough to a good chunk of money throughout my career so I can sort of look into things like that and maybe still be involved in snooker, but not on the playing side of it”, the former four-time world champion added. 

Selby's candid reflections shed light on the mental toll of professional sport and the challenges of sustaining excellence over time. As he navigates this crossroads in his career, Selby's future remains uncertain, leaving fans and pundits alike to speculate on what lies ahead for one of snooker's most decorated players. 

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