2024 World Grand Prix: Zhang Anda Can’t Wait to Face Hero Ding Junhui

In a stunning upset at the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix, Zhang Anda emerged victorious with a 4-2 win over the reigning champion, Mark Allen. After securing a spot in the quarterfinals on his debut at the prestigious event, Anda sat down with SportsBoom for an exclusive post-match interview.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-19

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A Rollercoaster Ride to Quarterfinal Glory

Zhang Anda swiftly asserted his dominance in the match, commencing with a commanding 95 break to secure the initial frame against the defending champion. As the encounter progressed, Anda's prowess was evident in a protracted safety battle, ultimately clinching the tight second frame.


Unfazed by Mark Allen's reputation, Zhang Anda continued to shine, claiming the third frame and positioning himself one frame away from the quarterfinals. However, Allen staged a remarkable comeback with a spectacular century break of 137, bringing the score to 3-1. 


Despite a crucial miss from the yellow ball allowing Allen to narrow the gap to 3-2, Anda displayed unwavering confidence in the final frame, amassing 71 points and securing a well-deserved spot in the quarterfinals.

Triumphant Debut in Leicester

Zhang Anda expressed his elation after defeating Mark Allen, acknowledging the significance of the win and the revenge he sought for previous losses against the seasoned player. He commented, "A win against Mark is very special for me. He didn't play too well, and I was able to score nicely, but he did put some pressure on me for the last three frames, which put a lot of pressure on me. I knuckled down for that last frame, and told myself I need to win this."



Sweet Revenge

Having faced Mark Allen twice before and coming up short on both occasions, Zhang Anda felt the weight of the challenge. Despite occasional disappointment with missed shots, he was pleased to secure the win, saying, "Every time I missed a simple shot, I was very disappointed, but I'm happy to get the win."


Reflecting on his overall performance in the tournament, Zhang Anda expressed satisfaction with his debut appearance at the World Grand Prix. "Oh yeah. It's a great feeling to be through to the quarterfinals on my debut at the World Grand Prix. I've got a good feeling I can go even further too," he remarked.

The Chinese Showdown: Facing a Legend

The Chinese snooker star now faces another formidable opponent in the quarterfinals – none other than the legendary Ding Junhui. Zhang Anda acknowledged the significance of playing against a sports icon, stating, "He is one of the biggest sports stars in China, so everyone back home will be watching. Because he's such a star, it makes it even more special to play him at big tournaments. It would be a big power play for me to beat him on this stage."

Casual Approach to Practice

When asked about his practice routine between tournaments, Zhang Anda revealed a laid-back approach. "When we have regular matches, it's too busy for me to practice. I will practice for around 30 minutes before each match at the venue, but when I'm home, I don't really take much time to practice, maybe a few hours now and again."


Zhang Anda's triumph over Mark Allen not only marks a significant upset in the 2024 World Grand Prix but also sets the stage for an exciting clash with Ding Junhui in the quarterfinals. SportsBoom brings you this exclusive post-match interview, providing insights into Zhang Anda's mindset and strategy as he continues to make waves in the world of snooker.


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)


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