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2024 Premier League: Humphries Ousts van Gerwen Setting the Stage for Littler Rematch

Luke Humphries showcased dominance against Michael van Gerwen, paving the way for a highly anticipated rematch of the World Championship final against Luke Littler.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-23

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Reigning Champion vs. World Number One

Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen faced off against the current world number one, Luke Humphries, in the second semi-final clash of the 2024 Premier League Darts Play-Offs.  

Both players secured their spots at The O2 in London with four nightly wins each. Despite this, Humphries entered the match as the favourite, given van Gerwen’s recent dip in form.

Humphries also had a psychological edge, having defeated van Gerwen in their last six professional meetings. 

Nonetheless, the Dutchman, aiming to extend his record with an eighth Premier League crown, was undeterred by past results. 

The stage was set for a thrilling encounter between two of the sport’s biggest names, as they battled for a place in the final alongside Luke Littler.

Early Darting Drama

Humphries emerged with a strong start in the match, firing two impressive 180s within the opening two legs. However, it was Van Gerwen who swiftly asserted dominance, seizing an early break of throw in the third leg to claim a 2-1 advantage.

Despite this setback, Humphries quickly regained his composure, delivering a stunning response with a break of throw of his own. His resurgence was highlighted by a remarkable 132 three-dart finish, featuring two bullseyes and a precise double 16.

With momentum shifting, Humphries capitalised on his regained rhythm, securing a comfortable 15-dart hold of throw. This reversal in fortunes propelled him to a 3-2 lead, setting the stage for a fiercely contested battle between the two darting titans.


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Humphries Commands the Stage

With a formidable three-dart average hovering just below 111, Humphries surged ahead in the match by securing his second break of throw in the sixth leg. His never-ending momentum continued as he clinched his fourth consecutive leg, sealing it with an impressive 89-checkout to establish a commanding 5-2 advantage.

In a display of sheer dominance, Humphries notched his third break of throw in the eighth leg, leaving the Dutchman trailing without even a chance at a three-dart checkout. His lead extended to 6-2, showcasing his prowess on the O2 stage.

Facing the daunting challenge of Humphries' relentless performance, the defending Premier League champion found himself outmatched. Humphries further solidified his lead at 7-3 as the mid-match break approached, leaving him just three legs away from securing a spot in the final showdown.

Humphries Sets Up World Final Rematch

Van Gerwen staged a momentary comeback, narrowing the deficit to just three legs by breaking back against Humphries' throw in the 13th leg with an impressive 12-dart leg. Despite this feat, he faced an uphill battle with Humphries holding a commanding 8-5 lead.

Undeterred by Van Gerwen's resurgence, Humphries remained composed and determined. With precision and finesse, he positioned himself within touching distance of the Premier League final, securing another pivotal break against the Dutchman's throw with a brilliant 125 three-dart checkout.

In the decisive 15th leg, the world number one showcased his composure, sealing the deal with a precise double 16 to dethrone the reigning champion, 10-5. 

With this victory, he sets the stage for a thrilling final showdown against teenage sensation Luke Littler, promising a rematch of the electrifying 2024 World Darts Championship final.

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