2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Braces for 'Different Beast' van Gerwen at O2 Finals

World number one Luke Humphries aims for his first Premier League title, acknowledging the threat of seven-time champion Michael van Gerwen despite his own strong recent record against him.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-23

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Luke Humphries Ready for Premier League Glory

After 16 gruelling weeks of Premier League darts, the finals are upon us. The current world number one, Luke Humphries, is set to clash with a star-studded line-up featuring teenage sensation Luke Littler, former World Champion Michael Smith, and defending Premier League champion Michael van Gerwen. 

Humphries, who has dominated the sport with consistent excellence, is eyeing his first Premier League title. However, standing in his way is the formidable Michael van Gerwen, a seven-time Premier League winner.

Dominance Over MVG

In an uncommon twist to the Premier League finals night, Humphries holds an unusual record over van Gerwen, having triumphed in their last six encounters. This streak has established Humphries as a dominant force against the Dutchman, a scenario MVG is unaccustomed to. 

Despite this, Humphries remains cautious. Reflecting on his recent success, he told “I’ve beaten him the last six times I played him, but it all stands for nothing.”


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Don’t Write Off the Dutchman

However, acknowledging van Gerwen’s impressive resume and mental fortitude, Humphries is well aware of the challenge ahead. 

“He’s the most experienced out of us, and probably has the best mental strength, so he can put that to one side,” Humphries commented. He understands that van Gerwen’s experience and ability to perform under pressure could turn the tables at any moment.

The O2 Factor

London’s O2 Arena has been a fortress for van Gerwen, who has won the Premier League a record seven times. Humphries recognises the unique challenge this venue presents. 

“He’s a different beast on this stage, we’ll get a different version of him,” he stated. Despite van Gerwen’s recent disappointing form, his prowess at the O2 cannot be underestimated, making him a dangerous opponent.

Level Playing Field

As the reigning world champion and world number one, Humphries is seen by many as the favourite to lift the crown. However, he downplays this notion, emphasising the equal chances of all finalists. 

“I don’t think I’m the man to beat, I don’t think any of the four players are the man to beat. We’re all very capable. You’ve got three world champions, and a world finalist from this year. I might be the favourite on paper, but we are all capable of winning,” Humphries asserted.

Luke Humphries enters the Premier League finals with a blend of confidence and caution. His remarkable record against Michael van Gerwen and his consistent form make him a top contender. 

However, his respect for van Gerwen’s experience and the unpredictable nature of the competition ensure that he is not underestimating his rivals. As Humphries seeks to claim his first Premier League title, fans can expect a thrilling showdown at the O2 Arena.

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