2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Braces for History-Making Moment in Sheffield

In Sheffield, Luke Humphries gears up for a shot at Premier League history, as Aspinall and Smith vie for the last play-off berth.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-15

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Night 16 in Sheffield

With his berth at London’s O2 already secured for the 2024 Premier League play-offs, reigning world champion Luke Humphries stands on the cusp of darting immortality. As the penultimate week beckons in Sheffield, Humphries eyes the opportunity to etch his name in the annals of darting history by becoming the first player ever to clinch five nightly events in the Premier League. 

However, standing in his path are formidable contenders, including seven-time Premier League champion Michael van Gerwen and teenage sensation Luke Littler, both poised with four nightly wins, setting the stage for an intense battle for supremacy.

Joining the fray in the quest for glory are former World champion Michael Smith and current World Matchplay champion Nathan Aspinall, locked in a fierce duel for the fourth and final play-off spot. As they brace for a showdown in the night’s quarterfinal stages, the stakes couldn’t be higher, with a coveted place at London’s O2 at stake.

Embracing Hostility: Humphries on Dealing with Adversity

Following a hero’s welcome in Leeds last week, where Humphries donned a commemorative Leeds United inspired shirt and serenaded the crowd with the anthems of the Kaiser Chiefs, the reigning world champion braces for a starkly different reception in Sheffield. 

As he ventures into the lion’s den of Yorkshire rivals, Humphries anticipates a raucous atmosphere where support may be scant for the reigning champion.

"I'm used to it now. At the start of the year, it was something was so new to me. But now I'm used to it, I can cope with it,” he told

Humphries, undeterred by the prospect of a hostile reception, remains resolute in his ability to navigate the tumultuous atmosphere awaiting him in Sheffield. The world number one's composure under pressure promises to be a defining factor in his quest for an unprecedented fifth nightly victory in the Premier League.

The Football Takeover

In recent years, Premier League darts events have seen a notable influx of football fans, each bringing their own allegiances, chants, and rivalries to the darting arena. This fusion of sporting cultures has fostered dynamic and ever-changing atmospheres, with different venues often producing distinct fan favourites and vocal support for or against particular players. 

As the tournament arrives in Sheffield, a city steeped in football fervour and Yorkshire pride, the stage is set for a passionate display of support and rivalry. Humphries, having experienced both adoration and animosity from the crowd, remains undaunted by the prospect of a hostile reception. 

Reflecting on the diverse allegiances among fans, Humphries remarked, “I've got lots of friends that are fans of Manchester United, Man City, Liverpool, it doesn't bother me. You support what you want. There's no hate from me and the fans are just, it's just a pantomime here for the fans. My plan is to deal with it.” 

In contrast to Humphries' measured approach, rising star Luke Littler has embraced the theatrics of the Premier League stage, thriving amidst the banter and jeers from the crowd. Littler's ability to feed off the energy of the audience underscores his burgeoning prowess as a crowd favourite, a skill set that could prove invaluable in the high-stakes environment of professional darts.

"He's fantastic with it. He copes it really well. He handled Liverpool in incredible fashion and in Aberdeen he was getting a lot of rubbish and he dealt with it as well. He sets a good example already."


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Smith vs. Aspinall for Final Play-off Berth

As the battle for the fourth and final play-off spot intensifies, Humphries also turned his attention to the clash between Michael Smith and Nathan Aspinall. 

With both players vying for a chance to etch their names alongside the elite in London, the outcome of their encounter looms large over the tournament's narrative. Humphries' acknowledgment of their potential to seize the crown underscores the depth of competition within the Premier League.

"You can’t call it between them. It wouldn’t surprise me if whoever wins between Nathan [Aspinall] and Michael [Smith] went onto win the whole tournament. Whoever wins out of them two are just as much favourites as the rest of us."


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A Night of Intrigue and Anticipation

As the Premier League Darts caravan rolls into Sheffield, the stage is set for a night of drama, passion, and unwavering competition. 

With Humphries prepared to weather the storm of a hostile crowd, Littler poised to captivate with his on-stage charisma, and Smith and Aspinall locked in a do-or-die showdown, Night 16 promises to be a spectacle for the ages. 

As the battle for supremacy reaches its crescendo, the only certainty is the uncertainty that awaits within the hallowed halls of Sheffield Arena.

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