Luke Humphries Proposes Premier League Format Changes After Final Defeat to Luke Littler

Luke Humphries suggests changes to the Premier League Darts format, advocating for a fan-driven poll and a two-phase structure inspired by the FedEx Cup, while emphasising the importance of maintaining its elite status.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-30

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Following his loss to teenage sensation Luke Littler in the thrilling finale of the 2024 Premier League Darts season, current world number one Luke Humphries has shared his perspective on the tournament's format and offered suggestions for its improvement. 

The tournament, which concluded at London’s O2, has been both celebrated by fans and criticised by players for its demanding schedule. Humphries' insights provide a balanced view on the ongoing debate.

Reflecting on the Current Format

Humphries began by acknowledging his limited experience in the Premier League, as 2024 marked his debut season. Despite being the reigning world champion, he felt it was premature for him to issue a definitive critique of the format.

"It's my first year so I can't sit here and say I don't like it because I can't really have that opinion yet. I'd need to play it two or three years before I could have an honest opinion," Humphries told

Fans' Happiness Comes First

Emphasising the importance of fan satisfaction, Humphries expressed his willingness to compete under any format that the fans prefer. He noted that while the current format may not be perfect, the focus should remain on what the audience enjoys.

“I’m happy to play in what the fans want, to be honest. Whatever the fans want in the Premier League, whether it’s one night, one game a night or it’s the league format you won’t see me moaning about because it’s all about the fans,” he stated.

A Call for Fan Feedback

To resolve the ongoing debate, Humphries suggested that the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) conduct a poll to gauge fan preferences. This democratic approach, he believes, would align the tournament format with the desires of its supporters.

“Whatever the fans want, I think they should do a poll. What do the fans want to see? What do they want? Do they want the black and white league format? Because at the end of the day, this is for the fans, isn’t it?” Humphries proposed.


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Proposing a New Format

Additionally, drawing inspiration from the PGA’s FedEx Cup, Humphries outlined a potential new format that could satisfy both players and fans. His idea involves a two-phase structure, combining a traditional league format with the current mini-tournament style.

"I actually had a good suggestion that maybe they could do a league format where everyone plays each other once for the 10 players. So, nine games we play each other once, then two get relegated and then go to the league mini-tournament format back to what we're doing now," he suggested.

"It could work like the FedEx Cup, you’d have the first phase with 10 players, and then start again with the different format for phase two, with the person who won topped the table starting on eight points, and so on, if you finish top you see the rewards."

Maintaining the Elite Status

Addressing the idea of expanding the Premier League to 16 participants to include more world-class players, Humphries cautioned against diluting the competition's elite nature. He advocated for a 10-player format to ensure it remains a prestigious and challenging tournament.

"16 players would be too many because then it gets to the point where it's not that elite is it? It’s not an elite competition then that feels hard to get in. 10 would be a good idea if we’re keeping a league format," Humphries concluded.

Luke Humphries' reflections and suggestions highlight his commitment to balancing the needs of fans and players in the Premier League Darts tournament. By proposing innovative changes and prioritising fan feedback, Humphries offers a constructive path forward for the PDC to consider in future seasons.

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