“You’re in Mine and Luke Humphries’ World” says Luke Littler Following Premier League Victory

Luke Littler secures Premier League victory with belief, practise, and humour, as well as expressing disappointment over World Cup of Darts exclusion.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-24

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Record Breaking Premier League Winner

In a thrilling rematch of the 2024 World Championship final, Luke Littler emerged victorious over world number one Luke Humphries in the 2024 Premier League Darts final, clinching his maiden PDC major title. 

The 11-7 triumph not only solidifies Littler's place among the sport's elite but also marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning career, as he is now officially the youngest ever PDC major event winner. 

The Moment Littler Knew He’d be Champion

In a pivotal revelation that would shape the course of his championship journey, Littler revealed the defining moment during the Leeds Premier League event, where he knew he could go onto become champion.

It was there, amidst the intense competition, that Littler gazed upon the league table and saw his name solidly secured for the Play-Offs stage. This simple sight ignited a newfound belief within him, a belief that he could indeed clinch the title.

“You couldn’t really stop until I got that Q next to my name. But two weeks ago, when I secured my place here [at The O2], I knew I could go on and win it,” Littler told, reflecting on the significance of that moment. 

Practicing with Purpose

Additionally, a shift in approach also contributed to Littler's success. Rather than relaxing or indulging in a game of FIFA between matches, he dedicated himself to practice, a decision that paid dividends. 

"Tonight, I practised well and played with freedom. I was playing to win it," he noted after his victory.


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Humour in Rivalry

In a light-hearted exchange, the Warrington wonderkid also offered a humorous take on his rivalry with Luke Humphries and their potential dominance in the sport's future. 

"You’re living in mine and Luke Humphries’ world," he quipped, showcasing both confidence and camaraderie with his competitor.

World Cup Woes

Despite his recent triumph, the teenage sensation now faces disappointment as he has to sit at home and watch the PDC’s upcoming World Cup of Darts. Excluded from the England team due to the current order of merit ranking system, Littler acknowledges the challenge of sitting out. 

"Yes. But the ranking rules have been in place for many years. I’m sure Luke [Humphries] and [Michael] Smith will get the job done," he conceded when asked if he’s disappointed to miss out on the event, despite now being the reigning Premier League champion. 

When pressed on whether rules should have been amended to allow his participation, Littler remained coy but hinted at future inclusion. "No, not this year," he teased with a knowing grin, suggesting that his absence may be temporary.

Looking Ahead

Luke Littler's victory in the 2024 Premier League not only cements his status as a rising star in the darting world but also sets the stage for future triumphs and rivalries to come. As he continues to hone his skills and challenge the sport's elite, Littler's journey promises excitement and success on the grandest stages of the PDC circuit.

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