2024 Premier League: Nathan Aspinall Shares Insights on Mentoring Luke Littler

Nathan Aspinall emerged victorious at Premier League Night Five in Exeter, defeating three world champions and showcasing exceptional skill. In a post-match interview with SportsBoom.com, Aspinall reflected on his win and his mentorship of rising star Luke Littler, sharing humorous insights into their friendly rivalry.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-01

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The Asp Victorious in Exeter

Following his remarkable victory at Premier League Night Five in Exeter, Nathan Aspinall reflected on his triumph and the significant moments that defined his journey to success in a post-match interview with SportsBoom.com.

Three World Champions Downed

Nathan Aspinall's triumph at Premier League Night Five in Exeter was nothing short of remarkable, as he etched his name in darting history by defeating three world champions on his path to victory. Aspinall's elation was palpable as he exclaimed, "I beat three world champions tonight, I'm really happy."

In a display of unwavering determination and skill, Aspinall overcame formidable opponents, including Peter Wright, Luke Humphries, and Rob Cross, in the final showdown. Each victory underscored Aspinall's exceptional talent and resilience, as he navigated through intense competition to emerge victorious. 

Luke ‘Best in the Business” Humphries

Aspinall, buoyed by his win against Luke Humphries in a crucial encounter, praised Humphries' resilience, acknowledging, "He's a fantastic player... at 5-1 down, there isn't another player on the tour that would respond like that. I just showed great determination to win that deciding leg." Aspinall's admiration for the world number one’s tenacity underscored the intensity of their semi-final match and the respect shared between the two competitors.



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Being Luke Littler’s Mentor

In the post-match interview, the 32-year-old also went onto give a poignant tribute to his fellow Target teammate, Luke Littler, who he will face in Brighton next week. Aspinall highlighted Littler's profound impact on the sport of darts, emphasising, "Forget the viewing figures, the opportunities that I'd never thought I'd get in my lifetime are because of him. He's given the sport global appeal." These words of sentiment came after Aspinall touched upon being the 17-year-old’s mentor on the PDC circuit. 

The Teenage Sensation’s Bad Habits

Regardless of their close relationship, Aspinall and Littler share a friendly rivalry that adds a layer of camaraderie to their mentor-mentee dynamic. Aspinall humorously unveiled insights into Littler's practice habits, playfully jesting, "He literally never practises. But when he does, I'm undefeated against him." This light-hearted banter underscores the playful competitiveness that characterises their relationship, with Aspinall taking pride in his undefeated record against Littler when the latter does decide to practice.

However, Aspinall's role as Littler's mentor may not be as affect as fans believe, as he jokingly remarked, "He doesn't ever listen to me." Despite his attempts to impart wisdom and guidance, Aspinall acknowledges the independent spirit of his protégé, highlighting the dynamic interplay between mentorship, friendship, and friendly rivalry that defines their bond both on and off the oche. 

The Double 10 Hitter

Furthermore, Aspinall also lauded Littler's exceptional skill on the doubles, proclaiming, "He's the best double 10 hitter, I've ever seen. Even better than James Wade." Through Aspinall's candid remarks, the depth of his bond with Littler and his unwavering belief in the young player's potential shone through, illuminating a partnership founded on mutual respect and admiration.

Aspinall's victory not only showcased his prowess on the dartboard but also underscored the significance of mentorship and camaraderie within the darts community. As he continues to ascend in the ranks of professional darts, Aspinall's influence on the sport and his unwavering support for his fellow players remain integral to his journey of success.

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