2024 Premier League: Luke Littler Reveals He Doesn’t Even Need to Practise to Intimidate His Rivals

17-year-old Luke Littler's commanding victory in Aberdeen secures playoff spot. Unorthodox prep, travel ease, and family support bolster his meteoric rise.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-03

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Commanding Victory Secures Play-off Spot

17-year-old Luke Littler clinched his fourth nightly win in the Premier League, triumphing over seasoned competitor Rob Cross in the final showdown in Aberdeen. This stellar performance not only sealed his victory but also cemented his position in the play-offs, a remarkable feat achieved at such a young age.

Littler's Unorthodox Preparation Pays Dividends

Remarkably, Littler humorously confessed to an unconventional preparation strategy, admitting to not practicing at all during the Aberdeen event. Instead, he found himself engrossed in the Rugby League match between Wigan Warriors and Catalan Dragons, using the intervals between matches to catch glimpses of the game. This unconventional approach underscores Littler's confidence in his innate ability and his ability to adapt to varying circumstances on the stage.

Opponents Upping Their Game in Face of Littler's Aura

Despite his youth, Littler finds himself at the centre of a phenomenon wherein his opponents elevate their performance when facing him. Reflecting on this, he shared, “I know about it when I play them. They play the best darts that they haven’t played in months, then I come off the stage thinking did you have to play that well.”

This acknowledgment highlights the profound impact Littler has already made in the darts world, with his mere presence on the oche serving as a catalyst for heightened competition.

In just five months as a full-time PDC professional, Littler has already become a formidable presence on the oche, evoking a sense of trepidation in his opponents akin to that of Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen.


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Littler's Fearless Approach to Travel and Competition

Managing the demanding travel schedule of the PDC, involving journeys to multiple European countries for the European Tour events, of which Littler has triumphed in Belgium and Austria, alongside the rigorous Premier League schedule, Littler demonstrates unwavering confidence

Reflecting on his experiences, he remarked, "It is breath-taking traveling to all these places," he told, underscoring his adaptability and readiness for the challenges ahead. 

Despite the demanding schedule, Littler remains poised and prepared for the journey that lies ahead.

“I've learned a lot in the first four, five months of the season and I’m prepared for what is coming.”

Comfort on the Big Stage

One of the hallmarks of Littler's burgeoning career is his remarkable composure on the grandest stages of darts. Revelling in the electrifying atmosphere of packed venues, he expressed his love for performing in front of crowds, stating, "It just settles me even more." His ability to thrive under pressure and deliver exceptional performances speaks volumes about his maturity beyond his years.

“Just coming to all these venues, I just love playing in front of a crowd, putting the big averages in, and the big finishes.”

Family Support: A Driving Force Behind Littler's Success

Behind every successful athlete lies a strong support system, and for Luke Littler, it's his family who accompany him on his darts journey. Whether it's his mum or dad, their presence at Premier League nights and European events serves as a source of strength and inspiration for the young prodigy. 

“My mum will do one or two with me and then they'll change over, and my dad will do one or two. My manager then pops over if he wants too.”

In conclusion, Luke Littler's meteoric rise in the world of darts is a testament to his exceptional talent, unwavering determination, and steadfast support system. As he continues to defy expectations and blaze a trail in the sport, one thing remains certain: the future of darts shines brightly with Littler at the forefront.

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