2024 Premier League: Michael van Gerwen Issues Controversial Statement to Luke Littler’s Forbes Inclusion

Michael van Gerwen dominates Luke Littler in Premier League win, questions Forbes inclusion, asserts superiority despite recent losses.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-12

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Fourth Nightly Win for MVG

In a commanding performance at the Premier League Night 11 final in Birmingham, Michael van Gerwen showcased his prowess on the oche, securing a decisive 6-3 victory over his opponent Luke Littler. As the darts world watched, van Gerwen's precision and determination propelled him to yet another triumph on the professional stage. The odds of an MVG win had been fluctuating wildly ahead of the match, given the remarkable recent form of Luke The Nuke with many of the darts betting sites we list at SportsBoom unable to agree on how likely an MVG win would be.

Van Gerwen's Response to Littler's Forbes Recognition

Following his win, van Gerwen shared his thoughts on Littler's recent inclusion in Forbes' 30 under 30 list. With characteristic candour, van Gerwen told, "With all due respect, he hasn’t won anything yet. If people haven’t won anything yet, should they be getting into Forbes." This statement underscores van Gerwen's belief in earning recognition through tangible achievements in the sport, and not just media attention. 

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Blunt Assessment on Littler’s Performance

Reflecting on Littler's performance during their encounter, van Gerwen bluntly stated, "He played crap tonight and I beat him, that’s the reality. I’m happy with the win, and we move onto the next one." Despite Littler's potential and accomplishments, van Gerwen's assessment highlights his unwavering focus on delivering his best game regardless of his opponent's stature.

Assertion of Superiority

Acknowledging Littler's contributions to the sport, van Gerwen emphasised his own dominance by stating, "He’s obviously done sensational things for the sport, but he will always be the one chasing me." Van Gerwen's confidence stems from his extensive track record of success. He asserts that while Littler may pose a challenge, the gap between them remains significant, positioning van Gerwen as the standard-bearer in the darts world.

Despite recent losses to Littler prior to Birmingham, van Gerwen remained resolute in his belief that he is the one to beat. He asserts, "He’s around 150 tournaments behind me, I’ll wait for him to catch up." This statement not only underscores van Gerwen's confidence but also serves as a reminder of his unparalleled achievements in the sport.

Reaffirming Dominance

Van Gerwen's victory over Littler reaffirms his status as one of darts' most dominant figures. As he looks ahead to future challenges, van Gerwen remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, poised to continue his reign atop the darting hierarchy.

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