2024 UK Open: Thibault Tricole Completes Mainstage Comeback in Second Round

The Ladbrokes UK Open roared into its second round at Butlins Minehead, featuring 32 compelling matchups across eight stages. Excitement peaked with marquee clashes on the mainstage. Highlights included Christian Perez's dominant debut, Jacques Labre's hard-fought win, and Thibault Tricole's remarkable comeback.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-01

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Onto Round Two in Minehead

The anticipation soared as the Ladbrokes UK Open entered its second round, boasting 32 fixtures spread across the eight stages of Butlins Minehead. With 64 players poised to compete, including those ranked from 65th to 96th on the PDC Order of Merit who received first-round byes, the stage was set for intense showdowns. Among the highlights were four marquee matches scheduled for the mainstage, amplifying the excitement even further. 


For a comprehensive rundown of the second-round results, continue reading to the end of this article.

Philippines’ Debutant Dominates

In the inaugural second-round bout on the mainstage, Christian Perez of the Philippines made a resounding entry into the UK Open, leaving his opponent Jeffrey Sparidaans from the Netherlands struggling to keep pace. 


Displaying impressive form, Perez, the first ever Filipino entrant in the UK Open, maintained a comfortable three-dart average of 91.88, a notable 15 points ahead of Sparidaans. 


The match concluded with Perez securing a convincing 6-2 victory, leaving the Dutchman undoubtedly disappointed with his performance. Up next, Perez is set to face Vincent van der Voort, the 2007 UK Open runner-up, in what promises to be an intriguing matchup.



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Labre Sinks Scuba Steve

Former World Cup of Darts finalist Steve Lennon then faced a challenging battle against French competitor Jacques Labre, struggling to find his rhythm from the outset. Despite Labre's own inconsistencies, Lennon conceded the first two legs, putting him on the back foot early on. 


However, displaying some resilience, Lennon swiftly rallied to claim the next three legs in rapid succession, seizing a 3-2 lead midway through the match. The contest remained closely fought as both players exchanged comfortable holds of throw, with Lennon maintaining a narrow 4-3 advantage amidst the supportive crowd in Minehead. 


Yet, Labre's persistence paid off as he capitalised on Lennon's errors, culminating in a decisive shanghai finish of 120, the highlight of the match. In a somewhat lacklustre fashion, Labre ultimately secured a 6-4 victory as Lennon's struggles with finishing were glaringly evident, with a total of 20 missed darts at double throughout the game.

Dutch Duel Delivers on the Mainstage

In an all-Dutch showdown, both Jurjen van der Velde and Jeffrey de Zwaan displayed nerves of steel in the early stages, holding their throw in the opening legs. However, van der Velde seized the initiative by securing a crucial break in the third leg, capitalising on de Zwaan's missed opportunities at a double. 


Building on this momentum, the 21-year-old maintained composure to establish a 3-1 lead. De Zwaan, known as the Black Cobra, showcased his prowess with an impressive 104 checkout, narrowing the deficit to 3-2. Yet, van der Velde responded emphatically with a ton-plus checkout of his own, notching a 102 finish to extend his lead to 4-2. 


Despite this setback, de Zwaan mounted a remarkable comeback, winning the next four legs consecutively to secure a hard-fought 6-4 victory over his compatriot. In his remarkable tenth consecutive appearance at the UK Open, de Zwaan once again demonstrated his undeniable quality, raising speculation about his potential for a deep run in the tournament.



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Tricole Stuns Brooks with French Flair

In a captivating match, 2020 PDC World Youth Champion Bradley Brooks faced off against French contender Thibaut Tricole, marking his seventh appearance at the UK Open despite his young age of 24. 


The encounter began with both players showcasing impressive scoring abilities, each hitting a 180 in the opening legs. Despite initially trailing, Brooks rallied to claim three consecutive legs, establishing a two-leg advantage on the mainstage. 


However, despite holding a 4-2 lead and executing a remarkable 118 three-dart finish, Brooks saw his comfortable lead slip away as Tricole mounted a comeback, forcing the match into a tense one-leg shootout. 


Unfortunately for Brooks, he faltered at a critical moment, missing two darts at double eight to seal the victory, ultimately conceding the win to Tricole. In the upcoming round, Tricole is set to face Cameron Menzies in what promises to be another thrilling encounter.

Full Round Two Results

Jeffrey Sparidaans 2, Christian Perez 6

Jacques Labre 6 Steve Lennon 4

Jurjen van der Velde 4, Jeffrey de Zwaan 6

Bradley Brooks 5, Thibaut Tricole 6


Geert Nentjes 6, Pascal Rupprecht 3

Karel Sedlacek 3, Robert Owen 6

Andy Baetens 4, Brett Claydon 6

Rhys Griffin 3, Leonard Gates 6


Owen Roelofs 6, Stephen Burton 1

Johnny Haines 3, Mario Vandenbogaerde 6

Josh Payne 6, Ron Meulenkamp 5

Tom Lonsdale 3, Benjamin Drue-Reus 6


Daniel Klose 6, Adam Warner 3

Ronny Huybrechts 6, Harry Lane 2

Niels Zonneveld 4, Wesley Nijman 6

Darren Beveridge 4, Scott Mitchell 6


Callum Goffin 2, Nick Kenny 6

James Hurrell 2, Joe Croft 6

Chris Landman 0, Lee Evans 6

Dom Taylor 5, John Henderson 6


Adam Smith-Neale 4, Patrick Geeraets 6

George Killington 6, Robbie Knops 5

Joshua Richardson 6, Keegan Brown 2

Jack Male 5, Danny Lauby 6


Berry van Peer 2, Maik Kuivenhoven 6

Matthew Dennant 6, Danny van Trijp 1

Robert Grundy 5, Jarred Cole 6

Wesley Plaisier 6, Haupai Puha 2


Arron Monk 4, Dylan Slevin 6

Michael Taylor 6, Graham Hall 2

Owen Bates 5, Graham Usher 6

Jenson Walker 3, Tim Wolters 6 

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