2024 Premier League: Peter Wright Reveals His Strategy to Unsettle Luke Littler

The electrifying atmosphere of Premier League Darts descends upon the Utilita Arena in Newcastle for Night Four, igniting anticipation for a showdown between seasoned veteran Peter Wright and rising star Luke Littler. With Wright inspired by Littler's impact on the game and the latter navigating the challenging terrain of both the Pro Tour and Premier League, the stage is set for a clash that epitomises the fusion of experience and youthful talent in the world of darts.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-02-21

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Premier League Rolls into Newcastle

As the Premier League darts extravaganza rolls into the Utilita Arena in Newcastle for Night Four, all eyes are on a highly anticipated matchup between Peter Wright and Luke Littler. This clash marks the first-ever professional encounter between the two, adding an extra layer of excitement to the evening's proceedings.  Despite experience being on Wright's side, our list of darts betting sites have this match up being incredibly one sided in Littler's favour.

Wright Inspired by the 17-year-old

In an interview with, Peter Wright, a seasoned veteran of the sport and a former world champion, expressed his admiration for Littler's impact on the game, particularly in inspiring younger players. Wright also lauded Littler for his contribution to bringing in press coverage and potential sponsors, highlighting the positive influence he has had on aspiring darts players.

"He's inspired me with what he's done for the game, bringing all the press and potential sponsors into the game," Wright remarked. "It's fantastic for darts and it's fantastic for all the youngsters out there who are inspiring to be a darts player. You don’t have to be 50-year-old with tons of experience to be a world championanymore. He was so close to being a world champion.”

No Room for Handholding in the Big Leagues

However, despite his appreciation for Littler's influence, Wright is under no illusions about the challenges of competing regular on the PDC Pro Tour circuit, alongside the Premier League. He emphasised the rigorous nature of the darts calendar, stressing that Littler must be prepared to face the toughest competition without any handholding. With no room for leniency or special treatment, Littler is thrust into the midst of the darts world's most challenging arenas, where only the strongest thrive.

"As soon as he starts getting beaten up on the floor and then coming to the Premier League, get beaten up again, no one's going to go round and hold him and make sure he's all right," Wright stated. "I don’t think he should be babysat; the Premier League is the hardest darts tournament to play, and he’s got to deal with that."



Similarities Between the Two Pros

Reflecting on his own journey to the top of the sport, Wright acknowledged the importance of self-reliance and observation in honing his skills. He revealed that he did not seek advice from other players but instead preferred to analyse their techniques and incorporate elements into his own game.

"I didn't really go and ask advice or offer any other players when I was climbing up the ladder, like Luke [Littler]. I just sat in a room on my own and watched the players to see what they did and don’t do, and just take little bits away from their game," Wright explained. "There’s no point asking for advice if it doesn’t suit them."

"When I was at his age, when I used to go to an exhibition and play one of the pros, the attitude was like I've got to smash you up. That's what sort of attitude Luke's got, which makes it a great game anytime anyone plays him. I've seen what he's done to all the other top pros." Wright's observation underscores Littler's fierce competitiveness and determination, traits that have earned him respect among his peers. With a mindset focused on domination and victory, the 17-year-old promises to deliver an electrifying performance whenever he steps onto the oche, ensuring an enthralling spectacle for fans and opponents alike.



Can The Nuke Be Unsettled?

Despite his formidable reputation and confidence in his own abilities, Wright remains focused on the task at hand. With a touch of humour, he hinted at a strategy to unsettle his opponent before their showdown, showcasing his light-hearted approach to the game.

"I'm going to take his phone off him in the back room so he can't play games, that’ll unsettle him," Wright joked.

Wright's jest isn't without foundation. Observers have noted Littler's penchant for gaming on his phone in the practice areas while his peers engage in rigorous training sessions. This behaviour, while reflective of Littler's youthfulness, also underscores his natural talent and confidence. While some may view it as a distraction, Littler's ability to balance relaxation with intense competition speaks to his adaptability and composure under pressure. 

The Stage is Set

As the excitement builds for their encounter on the Premier League stage, fans can expect a thrilling display of skill and determination from both Wright and Littler. With Wright's experience and Littler's burgeoning talent, this matchup promises to be a highlight of the evening, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of darts in Newcastle.

Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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