2024 Premier League: Michael van Gerwen Wins Night Three in Glasgow

Premier League Night Three at the iconic OVO Hydro in Glasgow was a spectacle to behold as hometown hero Peter Wright stepped onto the stage to face off against none other than last week's victor in Berlin, the formidable Michael van Gerwen. The night also featured teenage sensation Luke Littler taking on Welsh star Gerwyn Price, adding further excitement to an already electrifying evening of darting action.

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Louis Hobbs

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Image Credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

Night Three at the OVO Hydro

In a crescendo of darting fervour at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Premier League Night Three unfolded with a resounding clash of titans, reigniting the storied rivalry between hometown hero Peter Wright and the seven-time Premier League champion Michael van Gerwen. Anticipation soared as the stage was set for this monumental showdown, reminiscent of past battles that have captivated darting enthusiasts worldwide. 


Rob Cross vs. Michael Smith

In a first encounter of the night, Rob Cross faced off against Michael Smith amidst a charged atmosphere at the OVO Hydro in Glasgow. Cross, met with a hostile reception from the crowd due to his recent visit to the Ibrox Stadium, home of Rangers Football Club, didn't let the atmosphere deter his focus. 


Despite a shaky start, Cross showcased his prowess with a series of impressive finishes, including a stylish double-double 18 to kick off the match and a dazzling 116 three-dart finish that reignited his performance. While both players struggled to find their rhythm, Cross's resilience, and ability to capitalise on crucial moments proved decisive. 


With a final flourish, Cross sealed the match with an electric 144 three-dart finish, once again hitting his favoured double 18 to win the match 6-4. Regardless of neither player performing at their peak, Cross's determination saw him through to victory over a subdued Smith.



Michael van Gerwen vs. Peter Wright

Amidst an electric atmosphere, both players unleashed their best from the outset, showcasing impressive scoring prowess that set the tone for the match. However, a pivotal moment arrived in the third leg when Wright squandered two darts to break van Gerwen's throw, only to see his missed opportunity swiftly punished by the Dutchman. With van Gerwen capitalising on Wright's errors, he surged ahead to a commanding 3-1 lead after a composed checkout of 72. 


Despite Wright's valiant efforts, including another missed chance to break van Gerwen's throw in the fifth leg, the Scottish favourite found himself trailing in front of his loyal supporters. Van Gerwen's relentless pressure proved insurmountable as he continued to capitalise on Wright's struggles. 


Van Gerwen may have only scored a modest average of just over 86, however his clinical finishing and ability to pounce on Wright's missed opportunities proved decisive. Wright, plagued by missed doubles throughout the match, could only muster a solitary additional leg before van Gerwen sealed the win with a flourish, ultimately winning the encounter 6-2. 



Nathan Aspinall vs. Luke Humphries

In the third match of the night in Glasgow, Nathan Aspinall and Luke Humphries delivered a match filled with twists and turns. Aspinall burst into action with an electrifying display, showcasing remarkable consistency with an average exceeding 116 in the opening four legs. His momentum was palpable, highlighted by a near-perfect attempt at a nine-darter, narrowly missing the double 12 in the second leg. 


However, Humphries refused to wilt under the pressure, mounting a remarkable comeback with five consecutive legs after being 3-1 down to Stockport-born arrow smith. Aspinall's scoring faltered as Humphries found his rhythm, ultimately closing out the match in professional style with a 6-3 victory. 


Humphries' clinical performance was underscored by his precision on the board, evidenced by four maximum 180s and an impressive tally of 10 scores over 140. With a commanding average of 105.53, the reigning world champion showcased his class, securing a memorable win over the formidable Aspinall.



Gerwyn Price vs. Luke Littler

From the outset, both players showcased their scoring prowess, with a flurry of 180s lighting up the opening legs. Littler, the young sensation, seized an early advantage by breaking Price's throw in the third leg, capitalising on a crucial miss from the Welshman. However, Price swiftly responded, breaking back immediately to level the match at two legs apiece. 


Momentum swung back and forth throughout the match as both players scored impressively throughout but missed opportunities at the doubles. Price even had an attempt at a nine-dart finish with a near-miss on double 12, but Littler remained undeterred, delivering a sensational 138 finish to regain the lead in the following leg. 


The Welshmen managed to gain control of the match going into the latter stages, however he missed one match dart on double 20 to send the game to a one-leg shootout. 


In a tense final leg, Littler's bold attempt at a double-double 18 finish fell short, allowing Price to seize the opportunity and secure victory with a clinical checkout on double 12. Despite Littler's valiant effort, it was Price who emerged triumphant in a thrilling encounter that showcased the relentless competitiveness of Premier League Darts. 




Rob Cross vs. Michael van Gerwen

The contest began with Cross claiming a comfortable yet unremarkable opening leg, swiftly followed by van Gerwen's below-par 19-dart hold of throw in the second leg. Despite the early parity, van Gerwen showcased his trademark brilliance in the fourth leg, producing a scintillating 10-darter to level the match at 2-2. 


From there, the Dutchman found his rhythm, securing the next two legs to surge ahead with three consecutive legs. Despite Cross's valiant attempts at a comeback, he struggled to disrupt van Gerwen's momentum, ultimately succumbing to the Dutch maestro. With an impressive 88 finish on the bullseye, van Gerwen sealed the victory at 6-4, booking his ticket to a second consecutive Premier League final.



Luke Humphries vs. Gerwyn Price

In an intense semi-final clash in Glasgow, Gerwyn Price and Luke Humphries engaged in a battle of darting prowess. The match began with a strong showing from both players, as they held throw in the opening four legs without showing any signs of weakness. 


However, the tide started to turn in the sixth leg, with Humphries seizing an opportunity to break Price's throw and steal a crucial 4-2 lead. Despite Price's swift response with a break of his own, Humphries remained relentless, breaking Price's throw once again to edge closer to a spot in the final against Michael van Gerwen. 


Regardless of Humphries' two missed match darts in the final leg to close out the match, Price was unable to capitalise on these errors. With steely determination, Cool Hand Luke ultimately crossed the finish line, securing a historic first-ever place in a Premier League night final with a 6-3 victory. 



The Final: Michael van Gerwen vs. Luke Humphries

Humphries may have outscored van Gerwen during the entire night, but it counted for nothing in the end as the Dutchman secured back-to-back Premier League victories, winning the night in Glasgow propelling himself to the top of the table. 


In a thrilling final showdown at the Premier in Glasgow, Michael van Gerwen and Luke Humphries battled for supremacy to determine the night's victor. Despite Humphries flaunting a higher average throughout the evening, it was van Gerwen who ultimately seized control when it mattered most.


The match began with Humphries asserting his dominance by stealing van Gerwen's throw to claim the opening leg. However, van Gerwen swiftly countered with a masterful 98 three-dart finish, showcasing his trademark precision. 


As the match progressed, Humphries capitalised on van Gerwen's struggles, breaking his throw twice to establish a commanding 4-2 lead. But van Gerwen, known for his resilience, mounted a spirited comeback, clawing his way back to level the match at 4-4. Inevitably, van Gerwen's experience and tenacity shone through as he secured a crucial leg with a clinical finish on double one. 


In a dramatic finale, Humphries attempted to halt van Gerwen's momentum with a remarkable 121 checkout, but it wasn't enough to thwart the Dutchman's resurgence. Despite being outscored by Humphries throughout the night, van Gerwen emerged victorious, claiming back-to-back Premier League victories and ascending to the top of the table. The final showcased the intensity and unpredictability of Premier League Darts, as van Gerwen reaffirmed his status as one of the sport's premier talents.


Image credit: Professional Darts Corporation (PDC)

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