2024 World Grand Prix: Judd Trump Eyes Final Showdown with Ronnie O'Sullivan

Following a convincing 6-2 win over Cao Yupeng in the semi-finals of the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix, Judd Trump expressed confidence and anticipation about the prospect of facing snooker legend Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final. In an insightful post-match interview with SportsBoom, Trump revealed his unique mindset and approach to facing tough opponents.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-20

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Dominance and Drama in Semi finals

Judd Trump delivered a masterclass in the semi-finals of the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix, securing a commanding 6-2 victory over Cao Yupeng. From the onset, Trump capitalised on Cao's errors, displaying composure and clinical potting with a break of 70 in the first frame and a dazzling century break of 107 in the second. Despite a brief fightback from Cao, Trump's unwavering determination led to a 4-2 advantage. 


An unexpected miscue from Cao in the seventh frame gave Trump the edge, and although a fleeting challenge in the eighth frame emerged, Trump's superior skills prevailed, securing a 6-2 win and earning him a spot in the final.

Trump's Confident Stance: A Chance to Showcase Skills

In the interview with SportsBoom, Judd Trump emphasised his positive outlook when facing Ronnie O'Sullivan. He sees the matchup not as a daunting challenge but as an opportunity to showcase his abilities. Trump stated, "I think for me, against Ronnie, I see it as more of a chance to show what I can do rather than be scared of playing him." The top seed is eager to demonstrate his prowess on the table and relishes the added attention that comes with facing a player of O'Sullivan's calibre.



Handling the Pressure: A Different Mindset

Unlike some players who may feel the weight of expectation, Trump thrives under pressure and views it as an advantage. "I think just my mindset is completely different to most of the other players, and I think I'm able to probably play a lot more relaxed than some of the other players so I can play my best," Trump explained. This mental resilience has been a crucial factor in his success, allowing him to perform at his peak even in high stakes matches.

Crowd Dynamics: Inspiration Amidst Adversity

When asked about the crowd's influence, especially when heavily favouring Ronnie O'Sullivan, Trump revealed that he finds inspiration in adversarial atmospheres. "I think it inspires me more when obviously the crowd are against me. I also find it very relaxing," he shared. The pressure and expectations associated with facing O'Sullivan do not faze Trump, as he approaches the game with a calm and focused mindset.

Anticipating the Final: Trump vs. O'Sullivan or Ding

Looking ahead to the final, Judd Trump expressed excitement about the possibility of facing either Ronnie O'Sullivan or Ding Junhui. Reflecting on past encounters, Trump acknowledged that he has not always been at his best against O'Sullivan but believes he is now closer to his peak form. "I feel like I'm closer back to my best. So, it'd be nice to play him again," Trump remarked, hinting at the prospect of a thrilling showdown in the championship match.


As the snooker world eagerly awaits the outcome of the other semi-final between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ding Junhui, Judd Trump remains a formidable force, poised to deliver a captivating performance in the World Grand Prix final. The clash between Trump and either O'Sullivan or Ding promises to be a highlight, with fans anticipating a high-calibre contest between snooker titans.


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)

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