Darts Betting Tips: How to Win More Bets

Darts is fast becoming one of the most popular sports to bet on, with more and more punters laying stakes on this fast action and heart-pumping live action sport. Most sportsbooks provide darts betting today, and many of the major tournaments are televised, meaning there’s no better time to get into darts betting than now. If you’re new to betting on the darts, then here’s some of our best darts betting tips today.

Alex Matless
Alex Matless

Last Updated: 2024-06-06

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What is Darts Betting?

Darts betting can be done on individual matches, entire tournaments before they’ve even begun and in play whilst a match is ongoing.

The most popular darts bet is the Match Winner bet, where you simply predict which player will win a match. Other popular bets include Total 180s (whether the match will have over or under a certain number of 180s) and Highest Checkout Score (which player you think will achieve the highest checkout).

Betting on the Tournament Winner before a major tournament begins can see great value odds, and if you do your research and follow our darts betting tips today, you’ll be rewarded with being able to predict a tournament winner just by doing a small amount of homework.

How do you predict darts?

Predicting a darts match can be a rewarding experience when you get it right. As well as utilising all of the stats and rankings at your disposal, a good place to start making better decisions when betting on the darts is by reading a darts tipster’s blog.

Keeping up to date with the latest darts tips via a darts tipster can give you an insight into how you can predict darts matches yourself. If you look at darts betting tips today, you’ll start to see the correlation between stats, form and rankings and the bets tipsters place.

Once you get comfortable with using every tool at your disposal, you’ll soon be able to predict darts matches with confidence.

Popular Darts Events

There are many darts tournaments and events throughout the year, with bookies offering markets on most major and minor darts tournaments. Here are some of the biggest events to look forward to betting on.

PDC World Championship

  • Winner’s prize money: £500,000
  • Date held: December to January
  • Number of players: 96
  • Tournament format: Sets (final first to 7 sets)

The PDC’s most prestigious tournament and the one most darts bettors look forward to in a year, the World Championship sees 96 players (including the top 32 highest ranked players on the PDC Order of Merit) throw darts through December and January, with the winner crowned world champion. Phil Taylor won an impressive 14 PDC World Championships, a feat that looks unlikely to be bettered anytime soon.

Premier League Darts

  • Winner’s prize money: £275,000
  • Date held: February to May
  • Number of players: 8
  • Tournament format: Best of 11 Legs (final first to 11 Legs)

The top four ranked players in the PDC Order of Merit and four wildcard picks throw arrows over 17 nights of mini tournaments. Every match is a best-of-11 legs affair, with the winner getting five points, the runner-up three points and the two losing semi-finalists two points. The top four players in the table after Night 16 head into the playoffs for a chance at winning the £275,000 prize.

The Masters


  • Winner’s prize money: £65,000
  • Date held: January to February
  • Number of players: 24
  • Tournament format: Legs (final first to 11 Legs)

Featuring the top 24 players in the PDC Order of Merit, this non-ranking tournament takes place in January and February every year since 2013. The first round and quarter finals are best of 19 legs, with the semis and final best of 21. This tournament is great for darts bettors because it’s one that is usually televised, making it excellent for in play betting.

Most Popular Darts Betting Tips

To take your darts betting to the next level, a good place to start is by looking at the most popular betting markets and where you can find excellent value with certain bet types. Darts betting today can be overwhelming for new bettors, so we’ve broken down and explained some of the most popular bet types.

Betting Markets

  • Match Winner

The simplest bet you can place on darts, and one of the most frequently backed darts markets. This bet is a prediction of who you think will win the darts match overall.

You can use the Match Winner odds to work out who the favourite and who the underdog is in a match. The favourite will have shorter odds, whereas the underdog will have longer odds.

  • Total 180s (Over/Under)

This bet is a prediction on whether the match will have over or under a certain number of 180s thrown by both players.

Obviously, a match between two high ranking players will most likely have more 180s thrown than a match between lower ranked players, so keep this in mind when placing this bet.

  • Handicap Betting (Legs Advantage)

Handicap betting is a way for bookies to level the playing field between the two darts players, making a bet on the underdog more appealing.

A handicap bet will add or subtract a number of legs to the player’s final score. For example, backing Gerwyn Price to beat Luke Humphries with a +1.5 handicap will mean that even if Humphries won 6 legs to 5, your bet would payout, as the adjusted score would be 6 – 6.5.

Tips for Winning Bets

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to darts betting, but here’s the best darts betting tips today that we can offer.

  • Follow Darts Betting Tipsters

Following top darts betting tipsters on social media will give you a constant feed of bet suggestions to get you started. Betting tipsters do a lot of in depth darts betting research to provide their best betting tips, so seeing how the experts bet on darts will help you make your own judgements when creating your own darts bets.

  • Manage your bankroll

When betting on any sport, managing your bankroll is fundamental for betting enjoyment and minimising your risks.

Betting on darts events is no different to other sports. You’ll want to make sure you’re not spending your entire bankroll on a single darts bet, instead making several smaller bets across different markets to minimise the risk of losing your entire balance over one event.

Making use of free bets and bonuses will also increase your chances of profitability.

  • Study player form and previous match results

Learning to read player form and use match data to your advantage can take time, but once you start to use all of the stats at your disposal, you’ll soon see patterns emerging that you can utilise.

When betting on a darts match, look at the previous head-to-head record between the two players involved. This is a good place to start when predicting how the match will play out.

Also, look at how players have fared in the tournament in previous years. Darts players are affected by crowds, tournament formats and the players they face, so backing a player who has been there and done that in the same tournament previously is a much smarter bet than backing a darts player who is new to the tournament.

The Best Dart Betting Tipsters

OLBG (Online Betting Guide) have a community of sports betting tipsters, with many of the tipsters specialising in darts betting.

If you’re looking for tips on who will win the PDC World Championship 2024 or who will win the PDC World Matchplay, then you can look for darts betting tipsters on OLBG who have added tips for this tournament.

Another great feature about this website is being able to see how well the tipsters have done in their past predictions, with a clear indication of how much profit each tip has won in their betting history. Follow SportsBoom.com for more darts betting strategies for beginners.

Darts Betting Tips FAQs

What do I do if a darts match I bet on is postponed or cancelled?

If a darts match you bet on is postponed, cancelled or abandoned, most bookies will cancel your bet and refund your stake to your account. Check the darts match schedule to see if the match has been delayed to another day, as you may be able to place the same bet again on the rescheduled match.

How can I stay updated with darts tournaments and matches?

The official PDC and WDF websites are a great place to start when looking for the latest news on major darts tournaments and matches.

Many sportsbook providers also have excellent blogs that keep darts bettors up to date on the latest darts news, with many providing darts betting tips.

How do player rankings and stats influence darts betting?

Because player rankings are based on a darts player’s results over the year’s competitions, the higher a player is ranked, the more likely they are to win a match or tournament. Rankings will also affect the odds of a darts match, with the favourite having the shortest odds and the underdog the longest odds.