OKTAGON 58: Fight Results, Interviews & Analysis

Experience the rematch of the century at Prague's Eden football stadium for OKTAGON 58.

The battle between titans deserves to go down in a magnificent venue, Karlos Vemola defends the light heavyweight title against Attila Vegh. The fight of the century changed both men’s lives and gained record-breaking viewing figures, and now, four years later, the rematch is almost here. The biggest tournament in history, which will forever change the history of the Czech-Slovak scene.

British talent will also shine bright as the fight card showcases some of the nation's most promising MMA stars. Fan-favourite Shem Rock will return to action, as well as Akonne 'Jedi' Wanliss enters the second round of the Tipsport Gamechanger tounrament.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-06-06

Naim Rosinski

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