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2024 Masters: Luca Brecel Reflects on First Round Exit

In a candid post-match interview following his 6-2 loss to Jack Lisowski in the first round of the 2024 MrQ Masters, the Belgium Bullet Luca Brecel shared insights into his struggles on the table and his determination to bounce back.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-08

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Brecel loses out to the Jack-pot

In a spectacular start to the 50th edition of the Masters at Alexandra Palace, Jack Lisowski secured a decisive 6-2 victory over reigning world champion Luca Brecel.


The Jack-pot, Lisowski dominated the first four frames, showcasing impressive breaks of 70, 100, 96, and 69, establishing a commanding 4-0 lead by the mid-session interval.


Despite a resilient effort from the Belgian champion, who responded with runs of 80 and 72, Lisowski ultimately sealed the win with additional breaks of 63 and 68, securing a convincing triumph in the opening round of the prestigious tournament.

Mentality, and Consistency on the Stage

Acknowledging his visible frustration during the match, Brecel admitted to feeling down and not enjoying the occasion. Despite a generally content life away from the table, he admitted to a disconnect between his personal happiness and his on-table performance, stating, "It's just not enjoying the occasion. That's a problem."


When questioned about the potential mental toll of being a defending champion, the 28-year-old conceded that the pressure might be a factor. He reflected on moments when he was making breaks and seemingly in the zone, only to miss an easy shot and question himself, wondering why things were not clicking.


While the Belgian player insisted that his struggles were not solely mental, he acknowledged the significant mental aspect of his performance, saying, "Yeah, of course it's definitely mentally, but I mean even when I'm not thinking it's still not going right, you know what I mean? So maybe it's something technical as well."



Harnessing the Powers of Peter Ebdon

Looking to address his issues, Brecel revealed plans to review his game, seeking advice from former professional snooker player Peter Ebdon. He expressed the intention to analyse his matches, even in defeat, and hinted at a potential overhaul of his playing style. "I've been struggling with my for quite a long time. I feel like I'm not in the right position on my shot and my head is a bit to the side as well," he shared.

Future Tournaments, and The World Championships

Brecel, looking ahead to the upcoming tournaments, expressed his anticipation for the World Championships in Sheffield, recognising the need for the longer format games to give him the time to find his rhythm. Despite his current form, he remains optimistic about hitting his stride by April.

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I used to be much better in the shorter format, but I think now at the moment, I need the long games just because I get a bit more time to get into the game. So yeah, I'm looking forward to Sheffield actually. Even though I'm not playing well now, but I expect to be playing well by April.

Brecel looking towards the World Championships in Sheffield.

In terms of mental preparation for future tournaments, Brecel highlighted the importance of finding a balance and maintaining a relaxed state of mind. Despite a seemingly adventurous image on social media, he clarified that his life is quite basic, finding solace in being at home with his dog and taking long walks in the woods.


As Brecel aims to rediscover his form and enjoy the game once more, fans will be watching closely for his return to the snooker table, hoping to witness the resurgence of the player who once displayed great promise in the sport.


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)

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