2024 Tour Championship: Carter Downplays Rivalry Talk Before Showdown with O'Sullivan

Ali Carter's thrilling win over Barry Hawkins leads to poised rematch with Ronnie O'Sullivan, downplaying rivalry for a sportsmanlike showdown.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-03

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Carter’s Triumph Over Hawkins

Ali Carter's rollercoaster journey at the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Tour Championship took a thrilling turn as he clinched a hard-fought 10-8 victory over Barry Hawkins. Despite commanding a formidable 7-1 lead initially, Carter found himself grappling with Hawkins' resilient comeback, making for a nail-biting finish. 

Reflecting on the intense match with, Carter confessed, "I felt like I was going to lose it at the end. From 7-1 up, and then Barry [Hawkins] came back."

However, Carter's resilience shone through as he managed to pull through the tough battle and secure his place in the latter stages of the tournament. With a sense of relief, he acknowledged the significance of the win, stating, "It puts me in good stead going into the latter stages of the tournament."

Rivalry Renewed: Facing The Greatest

As he looks forward to his next match, Carter maintains composure and sharp focus, fully aware that his next opponent is none other than Ronnie O'Sullivan, setting the stage for a rematch of their intense encounter in the 2024 Masters final.

Despite the anticipation surrounding his match against Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ali Carter adopts a pragmatic perspective, downplaying any hint of animosity between the two players. "I'm playing the greatest player of all time tomorrow," Carter remarked, emphasising his respect for O'Sullivan's unparalleled skill. 

By focusing on the game ahead, Carter demonstrates a mindset free from rivalry, setting the stage for a contest rooted in mutual admiration and sportsmanship. "Today helped me get as much practice as I could have to prepare. It’s one of the biggest stages to play Ronnie [O’Sullivan] and I’m going to enjoy it," he answered.


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Carter’s Mindset and Preparation

Reflecting on their previous encounter at Alexandra Palace, where Carter conceded the mental battle, he focuses instead on his current mindset and readiness for the upcoming match. 

"I’m in a great place mindset wise, everything’s heading in the right direction for me," Carter asserted optimistically. With a determination to overturn past setbacks, Carter remains hopeful that his best performance is yet to come, poised for a renewed confrontation with O'Sullivan.

Get Ready for the Quarters

As Carter gears up for the anticipated showdown with O'Sullivan, spectators await with bated breath to witness yet another chapter in their storied rivalry, reminiscent of their heated encounter in the 2024 Masters final. With Carter's determination and O'Sullivan's unmatched skill, the stage is set for a spectacle that promises to captivate fans and leave a lasting mark on the tournament.

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