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2024 Tour Championship: Gary Wilson Edges Mark Selby in Marathon Battle

Gary Wilson outlasts Mark Selby in a tense snooker showdown, securing a spot in the quarterfinals with a stunning century break to finish.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-02

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Wilson Holds Strong in First Session Lead

The stage was set for an electrifying showdown as Day Two of the 2024 Johnstone’s Paint Tour Championship kicked off with a riveting clash between the reigning Welsh and Scottish Open champion, Gary Wilson, and the illustrious four-time world champion, Mark Selby. 

The Tyneside Terror, Wilson entered the session with a commanding 5-3 lead in the race to secure 10 frames. However, standing in his path to the next round was the relentless figure of Selby. 

Wilson Asserts Dominance as Selby Fights Back

The opening frame saw a swift response from the Jester from Leicester, as Selby launched a formidable break of 71, narrowing the gap from the first session. Yet, Wilson refused to yield, swiftly counterattacking. With impressive resolve, he secured the next two frames, punctuating his performance with a solid break of 57, extending his lead to 7-4. 

Despite Selby's gritty efforts, he managed to claw back one more frame in a tense battle, reducing his deficit to just two frames as both players headed into the mid-session break.


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Battle of Momentum Shifts

In the 13th frame, Wilson's errors provided an opening for Selby, who capitalised in characteristic fashion to claim another frame from the Wallsend native. However, Wilson quickly regained his composure, seizing full control in the following frame. With Selby struggling to find his rhythm, Wilson surged ahead once more, stretching his lead to a two-frame advantage at 8-6. Despite Wilson's dominant performance, Selby remained resilient, refusing to concede defeat.

Turning the Tide in a Marathon Frame

In a frame spanning nearly an hour, a seemingly routine miss on the brown, deemed 'unmissable' by Stephen Hendry on commentary, proved costly towards the end, allowing Selby to stage a comeback. Despite managing to snooker Selby on the yellow, Wilson found himself in a tight spot again, repeating a similar error on the brown. Selby capitalised on the opportunity, showcasing remarkable skill with two impressive long-range pots on the brown and blue to clinch the marathon frame, narrowing the gap to just one frame.

Selby's Costly Error

Amidst another tense and protracted frame, Selby came agonisingly close to levelling the game. Yet, a misjudged safety shot on the yellow, with victory within reach just two pots away, proved costly. Seizing the opportunity, Wilson staged a remarkable comeback of his own, edging within one frame of securing victory and securing a coveted place in the quarterfinals.


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Wilson Seals the Deal

Putting previous misses behind him, Selby showcased his prowess with a sensational quick fire break of over 90, a display of skill not yet seen in this encounter. 

However, despite this valiant effort, it wasn't enough to secure victory. Starting strong in the 17th frame with a break of 30, Selby's momentum faltered as he missed a tricky red on the middle right pocket, allowing Wilson back to the table. Wilson jumped on the opportunity without hesitation, crafting an outstanding century break of 105 to secure his berth in the competition's quarterfinals. He will face Zhang Anda in the next round. 

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