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2024 Tour Championship: O’Sullivan Steamrolls Past Carter Clinching Semi-Final Place

Ronnie Sullivan dominates Ali Carter, secures semi spot in commanding fashion. He now awaits winner of Gary Wilson vs. Zhang Anda.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-03

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Stage Set for Carter’s Uphill Battle

In a breath-taking showdown at the 2024 Johnstone's Paint Tour Championship, Ronnie O'Sullivan left spectators spellbound with a commanding performance in the opening session against Ali Carter. 

As the evening session loomed, Carter found himself facing a daunting 7-1 deficit against the formidable current world number one. With O'Sullivan firmly in the driver's seat, the odds seemed stacked against Carter as the race to secure a spot in the semi-finals intensified, with victory requiring a ten-frame sprint.

The Beginning of the Comeback?

The Captain, Carter wasted no time building on his momentum from the previous evening session, securing his second consecutive frame with a stellar break of 70. With each shot, Carter hinted at the possibility of engineering one of the sport's most extraordinary comebacks.


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Normality Resumed

Moreover, O'Sullivan appeared poised to reclaim his earlier dominance, swiftly securing a 36-point lead in the second frame of the session. However, a stroke of misfortune struck as a problematic formation emerged after breaking the pack, forcing an unsuccessful recovery pot to the blue and offering Carter an opportunity. 

Fortunately, Carter's inability to capitalise opened the table back up for O'Sullivan, who took advantage on the chance, orchestrating a masterful 62-break to extend his lead to 8-2. 

Ronnie maintained his relentless pressure on Carter, edging tantalizingly close to securing his spot in the semi-finals with yet another impressive break, this time notching up a 54-break. With each stroke, Carter's chances of a comeback seemed to dwindle further.

O’Sullivan’s Masterclass

In a display bordering on perfection, the Rocket sealed his victory with a decisive break of 67, overwhelming Carter with a resounding 10-2 triumph and securing his place in the tournament's semi-finals. O'Sullivan now awaits the outcome of the match between Gary Wilson and Zhang Anda, set to face the winner this Friday in what promises to be another electrifying showdown.

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