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2024 World Grand Prix: Ali Carter Addresses Ronnie O’Sullivan Following Masters Final Controversy

In a thrilling first-round clash at the Spreadex World Grand Prix, Ali Carter emerged victorious in a closely contested encounter against Wu Yize. The seasoned professional, coming off a notable performance in the previous week's Masters, expressed his insights on the demanding match while also addressing Ronnie O'Sullivan in the aftermath of his contentious post-Masters final remarks.

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Last Updated: 2024-01-16

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Nail-Biting Showdown with Wu Yize

Ali Carter found himself in a nail-biting confrontation against the emerging Chinese talent, Wu Yize, in the first-round of the 2024 Spreadex World Grand Prix. The snooker veteran, fresh from his MrQ Masters final loss to Ronnie O’Sullivan less than 36 hours ago, faced the prospect of an early upset. 


The match witnessed a back-and-forth struggle as Wu Yize initially took an early lead, only to be met with Carter's swift response. Despite Wu Yize regaining the lead, Carter showcased experience and resilience, orchestrating a composed comeback and tying the game at 3-3. 


The final frame unfolded as a nerve-wracking affair, with both players vying for control. Wu Yize's crucial miss on the brown opened the door for Carter, who capitalised on the opportunity, securing a 4-3 victory and advancing to face Mark Selby in the next round. The match epitomized the unpredictability and intensity of snooker, highlighting Carter's ability to navigate pressure and stage comebacks in the face of formidable opposition.

No Rest for The Wicked

Carter, reflecting on the demanding schedule, humorously remarked, "If I was a professional pilot, I wouldn't be allowed to fly today because of the minimum rest." Despite the fatigue from the previous week, he emphasized the need to shift focus to the present tournament, acknowledging the importance of maintaining a competitive mindset.


When asked about his feelings on the win, Carter expressed undeniable pride, especially considering the high level of play exhibited by Wu Yize. "He played really well, and he'll be sick there because he's done all the hard work," Carter noted, highlighting the pivotal moment when his opponent missed the brown ball, ultimately leading to Carter's victory.




Pressed on his current form, Carter remained modest, stating, "Well yeah, you just turn up and we go again." His nonchalant approach to the upcoming challenges echoed his seasoned professionalism and determination to continue performing at a high level.

The Ronnie O’Sullivan Controversy

The interview took an interesting turn when Carter was asked about controversial comments made by Ronnie O'Sullivan following the Masters final. Carter, unapologetically defending himself, stated, "He's entitled to his opinion of me. I've got my opinion of him.”


“I know what I saw. I speak facts end of the day. That's it. That's all there is to it”, he commented regarding his claims that O’Sullivan spat on the stage floor during the Masters final. 


Addressing O'Sullivan's suggestion to "sort your life out," Carter deemed it "uncalled for" but not unexpected from the snooker legend. Reflecting on their past, he acknowledged O'Sullivan's assistance in his younger days, saying, "He did. Oh yeah, definitely. He was quite friendly when we were younger. I don't really know what happened, but no, I learned a lot off him. Who can't learn off him playing? He's the greatest player of all time. There's no doubt about that."

Contrasting Venues

Ali Carter, with his seasoned perspective, provided insights into the contrasting atmospheres between the iconic Alexandra Palace and the Morningside Arena in Leicester for the World Grand Prix. Describing the atmosphere at the Grand Prix as "very subdued" compared to the electrifying energy of Ally Pally, he acknowledged the challenge of transitioning from one major event to another.


In the face of these challenges, Carter's focus remained resolute on the most crucial aspect – winning. He recognized that, despite the differences in atmosphere and the weight of previous events, the primary goal at the World Grand Prix was to secure victory. Carter candidly shared his mindset, stating that he could have chosen to "crawl under a rock and lost" after the transition, but instead, he embraced the challenge, stating, "But I'm here, and we're still winning."

Resilience in Victory

In conclusion, Ali Carter's resilience and determination were evident in his 4-3 victory over Wu Yize. With a blend of humour, humility, and a hint of controversy, Carter showcased the mindset required to navigate the challenges of professional snooker, leaving fans eager to see what the seasoned pro has in store for the rest of the Spreadex World Grand Prix.


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