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2024 World Snooker Championship: Kyren Wilson Beats Jak Jones for First World Title

Kyren Wilson became the 28th world snooker champion, beating Welsh qualifier Jak Jones 18-14 in the final.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-05-06

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A New Champion Crowned

In a dramatic culmination to the 2024 World Snooker Championship, the stage was ablaze with tension as the fourth and final session commenced. 

Jak Jones, the Welsh qualifier who had defied all odds, stood facing a daunting challenge. With his opponent, the formidable Kyren Wilson, holding a commanding 15-10 lead, Jones knew he faced a mountainous task. 

Wilson, the renowned cueist hailing from Kettering, stood on the brink of snooker immortality, just three frames away from etching his name on the prestigious World Snooker Championship trophy. 

As the anticipation reached its peak, the stage was set for a thrilling conclusion that would undoubtedly be etched into the annals of snooker history, as a brand-new champion would be crowned. 

Early Struggles: Jones' Debut

In not only his debut World Snooker Championship final, but professional ranking final, Jones faced a formidable challenge against Wilson. The Pride of Wales struggled to find his rhythm, yielding to Wilson's dominance in the early frames. Despite a brief spark of brilliance with a break of 65, Jones found himself trailing 7-1 after the first session.

A Somewhat Comeback

Determined to turn the tide, Jones launched a spirited comeback in the second session. With solid break-building and unwavering resolve, he narrowed the gap to 11-6, displaying glimpses of his true potential amidst Wilson's relentless pressure.

Disruption and Defiance: Jones' Setback

As the match progressed into the third session, Jones continued to fight for redemption. However, an unexpected interruption in the audience disrupted his momentum, allowing Wilson to maintain his advantage. Despite Jones' valiant efforts, Wilson's clinical play extended his lead to 15-10, leaving Jones with a mountain to climb heading into the final session.

With just three frames separating them, Wilson stood on the brink of snooker glory. With the stage is set for the fourth and final session, Jones needed to summon all his strength and skill to mount a miraculous comeback and challenge Wilson's bid for the 2024 World Snooker Championship title.


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The Fourth and Final Session of the World Final

As the final session of the tournament commenced, both players stepped onto the green baize, with one poised to etch their name into the history books. 

In the opening frame, it was the Welshmen who appeared poised to seize the advantage. Although, a near-miss on the pink into the middle pocket that could have swung the frame in Wilson's favour, a subsequent safety exchange ensued as both players vied for control. 

Ultimately, Jones left the final red vulnerable to the top right pocket, allowing Wilson to capitalise and clinch the frame effortlessly, extending his lead to a commanding 16-10.

Re-spot Drama

Jones, not typically renowned for his break-building prowess, surged back into form with his first century of the match, marking his third of the tournament with a composed break of 105, narrowing the gap by one frame.

In the 28th frame, the battle intensified as both players fought tooth and nail for control. With the scoreboard reading 73-46 in Wilson's favour, Jones mounted a resilient comeback, clearing the table to force the frame into its first re-spot. Amidst the tension, Wilson left the black perilously positioned over the top left cushion. Yet, a surprising miss from Jones prolonged the drama. 

Seizing the opportunity, Wilson executed a remarkable three-cushion pot on the re-spotted black, edging tantalisingly close to snooker immortality, just one frame away from sealing the championship, with the match at 17-11. 

Almost 147 Magic

In a last-ditch effort to stay alive in the match, the silent assassin, seized control of the next frame with a composed break of 67. This crucial win propelled the game into its final mid-session interval, with the score line standing at 17-12.

The crowd then erupted with anticipation as Jones embarked on a remarkable journey towards a potential maximum 147 break. With precision and focus, he potted 12 reds consecutively, seamlessly followed by 12 blacks. However, a slight misjudgement on a medium red halted his progress, concluding the break at 96. Nonetheless, Jones' impressive performance secured yet another frame, narrowing the gap to 17-13.

Jones Continues to Narrow the Gap

The match continued to unfold as the Welshman pressed on with his comeback, securing victory in the 31st frame. This marked his third consecutive frame win, narrowing the gap to just three frames at 17-14. 

For the first time in the entire tournament, Wilson began to display signs of uncertainty and unease.

Kyren Wilson, the New World Champion

Although displaying some nerves in the 32nd frame, it ultimately marked the conclusion of the match and the championship. Wilson, demonstrated his resilience when it mattered most, capitalising on more missed opportunities from Jones. 

With a decisive break of 42 to seal the victory, he triumphed over Jak Jones with a final score of 18-14.

With this victory, the 32-year-old joins the elite ranks as the 28th player to triumph and hoist the prestigious title of World Snooker Champion. 

In addition to the coveted championship title, Wilson's triumph earned him a substantial prize of £500,000, further solidifying his stature in the world of snooker. This triumph also catapults him to the third position on the World Snooker Tour's order of merit, cementing his status among the sport's top contenders.

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