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2024 Masters: Shaun Murphy Pleads for Elegance in Dress Code

In a thrilling quarter-final match at the 2024 MrQ Masters, Shaun Murphy secured a hard-fought 6-3 victory over the talented Jack Lisowski. Despite taking an early 3-1 lead, Murphy acknowledged the resilience of Lisowski and the challenges he posed throughout the match.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-12

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Murphy’s Masterclass

In a gripping display of skill and tenacity, Shaun Murphy weathered a spirited comeback from Jack Lisowski, ultimately claiming a hard-fought 6-3 victory to secure his place in the 2024 Masters semi-finals. The match reached a thrilling climax with Murphy's decisive long pot in a black-ball decider. Now, poised for the semi-final showdown, Murphy sets his sights on the formidable seven-time winner Ronnie O'Sullivan in a battle for a coveted spot in the final.

Masterful Triumph and Lisowski’s Resilience

Reflecting on the game, Murphy admitted, "I just felt there was a couple of things, I wasn’t totally in control of. I think with Jack, he's one of those players because of his style of play, you're never safe until you've shaken his hand. It's not over." He praised Lisowski's determination, emphasising that the match never felt entirely secure, even when he was leading 5-1.


Murphy further explained, "Every time I came to the table in the first half of the match, it was just like dot to dot. I felt so good out there, and then it just felt every time when I needed that frame to win, there was always a slight problem to solve." Despite facing some nerves and challenges, Murphy showcased his skill and determination, making the crucial shots when it mattered the most.



Player and Pundit, Dual Role

In the insightful post-match analysis, the Magician delved into the intricate balance he maintains as both a player and a pundit. Murphy candidly revealed, 'The problem I've got is that I know exactly what the commentators are saying now.' Acknowledging the scrutiny that comes with dual roles, he highlighted instances where he may fall short on the table, aware of the critiques he would face in the commentary box.


However, Murphy sees this as a crucial aspect of his multifaceted career, emphasising that it's an integral part of the job he willingly embraces. Beyond the challenges of facing criticism, Murphy shared how donning the hat of a pundit has significantly influenced his approach to the game. As a commentator, he has developed a heightened sense of analysis and critical thinking. Being on the other side of the mic has forced him to reassess his own plays, ensuring a constant evolution and refinement of his snooker prowess.


Adapting seamlessly between the roles of player and commentator, Murphy has found a symbiotic relationship between the two. The awareness of potential criticisms has not only toughened him mentally but has also propelled him to become a more strategic and thoughtful player. This dual role has become a catalyst for Murphy's growth, turning the pressure of commentary into a tool for self-improvement, ultimately shaping him into a more astute and well-rounded competitor.

Fashion Flair: The Tie Stance

As the lone participant at the tournament adhering to a more traditional dress code, Murphy shed light on his distinctive choice of attire. With a touch of humour, he proudly asserted, “Well, of course, I'm the only player who wears a proper self-tie bow tie. I do my tie properly myself to ensure it doesn't hinder my game.” In an era where the norm leans towards more modern and casual attire, Murphy's preference for the classic self-tie bow tie stands out as a testament to his appreciation for tradition and sartorial elegance.


In a playful critique, Murphy didn't shy away from poking fun at his counterparts, suggesting that some players could benefit from a lesson in dressing themselves appropriately. He playfully remarked, “Some of these lads should really learn to dress themselves and wear a proper tie.”


In response to the question about potentially banning certain types of ties that his peers Judd Trump, and Mark Allen commonly adopt, Murphy jokingly said, "I shall do it tomorrow morning." While jesting about the authority he holds with the WPBSA. 

O’Sullivan Is Next

As Shaun Murphy looks ahead to the semi-finals, the stage is set for an exhilarating showdown against the seven-time winner, Ronnie O'Sullivan. The prospect of these two titans clashing in the next round adds an extra layer of anticipation to the tournament, and also marks the first time the two will ever cross paths on the Alexandra Palace stage. Murphy's journey, marked by his triumph over Lisowski, promises a thrilling continuation, and fans can eagerly anticipate more moments of skill, resilience, and perhaps a sprinkle of humour in the rounds to come.


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