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2024 Masters: Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Favourite Venue Revealed After Quarterfinal Win

Ronnie O'Sullivan secured a 6-3 victory over Barry Hawkins in the quarterfinals of the MrQ Masters, further solidifying his reputation as one of snooker's greatest players. The match, held at Alexandra Palace, became a testament to O'Sullivan's ability to focus and deliver when it matters most. Post-match, O'Sullivan also shared insights into his favourite snooker locations, highlighting his preferences beyond Alexandra Palace.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-01-12

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O’Sullivan Clinches 15th Masters Semi-Final Spot

Snooker maestro Ronnie O'Sullivan secures his spot in the semi-finals for the 15th time in his illustrious career, triumphing over Barry Hawkins with a 6-3 victory at Alexandra Palace. The tournament’s first quarterfinal witnessed a gripping contest as neither O'Sullivan nor Hawkins hit peak form. Despite a shaky start, Hawkins, the 2022 finalist, took an initial lead at 3-2, setting the stage for an entertaining and closely contested match.


In a display of resilience, O'Sullivan rallied back to seize control of the match, securing a 5-3 lead. The turnaround showcased the Rocket’s ability to navigate challenges and reclaim dominance on the green baize. The ninth frame brought unexpected twists as O'Sullivan found himself 50-0 behind. However, a crucial missed red by Hawkins in the right-hand middle pocket proved to be the turning point, sealing the match and O'Sullivan's advancement to the next stage.



From Paris to Berlin, or London to Llandudno

While O'Sullivan emerged victorious, his sentiments towards the Alexandra Palace were revealed post-match. When asked about his favourite venue, the Rocket surprisingly confessed that Alexandra Palace wasn't his top choice. In response, O'Sullivan revealed, "My favourite place to play is China. I love the events out there. In the UK, I'd have to say Llandudno."


Adding an intriguing layer to his recent triumph, it's noteworthy that 'Venue Cymru' in Llandudno holds a special place in Ronnie O'Sullivan's heart as his preferred UK venue. Despite this affection, a stark contrast unfolded at last year's Welsh Open held at the very same venue. Despite it being his favourite UK location, O'Sullivan faced an unexpected challenge and failed to progress beyond the quarterfinal stages. This unexpected turn of events serves as a reminder that even at his favoured venues, the six-time World Champion may not always find the peak of his performance, adding an element of unpredictability to his storied career. 

Focus and Composure

Furthermore, O'Sullivan offered valuable insights into the inner workings of his mental game, emphasising his unparalleled ability to maintain focus and composure during the most critical moments of a match. When probed about his preparation for subsequent games and whether he opts for a more relaxed approach, O'Sullivan responded with unwavering confidence.


He revealed, "I'd always be straight for a game. I know how to tune in. I know how to tune out, so that's not an issue." O'Sullivan's assurance in his ability to stay mentally sharp highlights the years of experience and mastery he brings to the snooker table. This statement underscores his dedication to the sport, showcasing a disciplined approach to each match.

Semi-final Ascent

This victory propels O'Sullivan into the semi-finals of the Masters, where he will face Shaun Murphy. As he sets his sights on the next challenge, O'Sullivan's ability to navigate the nuances of different venues and still emerge victorious speaks volumes about his prowess in the world of snooker. Whether it's China, Llandudno, or even Alexandra Palace, O'Sullivan continues to captivate audiences with his unmatched talent and strategic approach to the game.


Image credit: World Snooker Tour (WST)

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