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2024 World Snooker Championship: Saudi Arabia Will Nurture the ‘New Generation of Snooker’, Says Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan dominates on the baize, and commits to Saudi grassroots snooker growth, showcasing selfless dedication beyond table.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-04-25

Naim Rosinski

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Ronnie O'Sullivan Shines on the Table

Ronnie O'Sullivan, the snooker maestro, left fans in awe as he stormed to a commanding 10-1 victory over Welsh contender Jackson Page. 

From the outset, O'Sullivan asserted his supremacy on the green baize, securing an imposing 8-1 lead in the first session. His remarkable prowess was on full display, with six breaks exceeding 50 points, including a breath-taking 122 century break that electrified the audience. In the second session, he surged towards the finish line, swiftly claiming the next two frames in under 40 minutes, solidifying his commanding 10-1 victory.

A Vision Beyond the Table in Saudi Arabia

Following his resounding triumph, the 48-year-old shed light on his recently announced three-year partnership with Saudi Arabia and Riyadh Season. Post-match, O'Sullivan emphasised his dedication not only to showcasing world-class snooker in the Middle East, as he will be participating in each of the World Snooker Tour’s (WST) sanctioned events in the continent, but also to fostering the growth of grassroots talent in the region.

"I love helping grassroots snooker," O'Sullivan stated. "I've done a lot in China previously, and I have a lot of academies out there. I always try to support the youngsters coming through, and I'll be doing the same in Saudi. It's great for snooker; we need grassroots. It's great to be a part of helping that new generation coming through,” he told


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A Selfless Gesture: Commitment to Grassroots Development

O'Sullivan's commitment to nurturing young talent extends beyond mere words. He expressed his eagerness to collaborate with Saudi investors, including HE Turki Alalshikh, to ensure the growth of grassroots snooker in the region. Despite his busy schedule, O'Sullivan affirmed his willingness to travel to Saudi Arabia several times a year, even outside of tournament dates, to actively contribute to the sport's expansion.

"We haven't decided, but whatever his excellency wants to do, I'll be happy to discuss anything with him," O'Sullivan affirmed, highlighting his flexibility and dedication to the cause.

Unlike the O’Sullivan of norm, he revealed a compassionate aspect of his typically self-centred demeanour. While some speculate that financial gain is his primary motivation for the deal, and there is truth to that notion. Nonetheless, O'Sullivan's heartfelt remarks underscore his genuine enthusiasm for expanding the sport's reach beyond the borders of the UK.

O'Sullivan's Legacy Continues to Evolve

As Ronnie O'Sullivan's journey in the world of snooker progresses, his legacy transcends mere victories on the table. With a newfound commitment to nurturing grassroots talent in Saudi Arabia, O'Sullivan embarks on a path that not only elevates the sport but also leaves a lasting impact on future generations of players.

Fans are now eagerly anticipate O'Sullivan's next match against Ryan Day, as the Rocket's passion for snooker extends far beyond the confines of the Crucible Theatre. In Saudi Arabia, a new chapter in O'Sullivan's illustrious career begins, one that promises to shape the future of snooker on a global scale.

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