2024 Premier League: Luke Humphries Wins Night Seven in Nottingham

Premier League darts in Nottingham: Luke Humphries dominates, clinching back-to-back wins. Nathan Aspinall impresses but falls short in the final.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-14

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Night Seven at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

At Nottingham's Motorpoint Arena, the Premier League darts roadshow made a captivating stop for night seven of the tournament. The spotlight shone brightly on a teenage sensation, Luke Littler who was seeking redemption against the dominant league leader Michael van Gerwen, having lost his past three encounters against the Dutchman. 

Additionally, fans were treated to a rematch of last week's exhilarating final in Brighton, as Luke Humphries prepared to face Michael Smith once more. The evening of thrilling action promised intense rivalries, high stakes, and unparalleled darts prowess on display.


Peter Wright vs. Gerwyn Price

The first match of the night ignited with three 180s in the first leg, establishing a high standard from the outset. Price surged ahead with a scintillating 12-dart leg to break Wright's throw, setting the tone for a fiercely contested battle. 

Both players exchanged breaks of throw in the ensuing legs, highlighting the intensity of the contest. Despite Wright managing to secure a narrow 3-2 lead with a hold of throw in the fifth leg, the match remained tightly poised, with both players consistently averaging over 100. 

Price's exceptional scoring prowess continued throughout the game, but his struggles on the doubles proved costly. As the tension mounted, the match reached a climactic final leg decider, with Wright holding the advantage of throwing first. 

Despite Price's impressive three-dart average of 103.33, his 19 missed darts on the doubles ultimately proved decisive, allowing the Scotsman to clinch his first Premier League victory of the season. 


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Luke Humphries vs. Michael Smith

The clash between Luke Humphries and Michael Smith kicked off as a tightly contested affair, with both players holding their throws in the initial three legs, resulting in Humphries securing a narrow 2-1 lead.

A pivotal moment came when Smith faltered at the oche, allowing Humphries to capitalise and break his throw, extending his lead to a comfortable 3-1 margin. Humphries' performance soared as his three-dart average surpassed 100, asserting dominance over the former world number one by claiming three consecutive legs. 

Despite Smith's resurgence, highlighted by a stunning 146 three-dart finish and a swift 15-dart break of throw, Humphries maintained composure. Smith showcased valiant efforts to stage a remarkable comeback, tying the game at 4-4, but Humphries' superior statistical performance ultimately proved decisive. 

The reigning world number one showcased his prowess by clinching the next two legs to secure a hard-fought 6-4 victory. Humphries delivered an impressive display with an average of 103.51, reaffirming the high standard he has consistently maintained throughout the tournament.


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Michael van Gerwen vs. Luke Littler

In a match charged with anticipation, Michael van Gerwen squared off against Luke Littler in a showdown that ignited the oche with electrifying energy. Both players displayed extraordinary prowess, boasting astonishing three-dart averages well over 110 each, setting the stage for what could easily be deemed the highlight of the tournament thus far. 

Despite nerves running high, neither player faltered in delivering exceptional darts, as the first five legs witnessed a flurry of breaks, with the 17-year-old Littler seizing an early 3-2 advantage. 

Demonstrating a level of play previously unseen, Littler elevated his game to unprecedented heights, unleashing a relentless assault on the Dutchman. With a commanding display, he secured three consecutive legs to claim a resounding 6-2 victory, marking his inaugural triumph in the Premier League over van Gerwen. 

Littler's brilliance nearly culminated in a second nine-darter of the week, as he unleashed eight perfect darts in the final leg. Regardless of van Gerwen's remarkable average of 110.94, it proved insufficient against the teenage sensation, who shattered the record for the highest three-dart average since the inception of the knockout tournament format three years ago, boasting an astonishing 114 average.


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Rob Cross vs. Nathan Aspinall

Following Luke Littler's mesmerizing performance, Nathan Aspinall and Rob Cross took to the stage, tasked with following up the electrifying display. As the crowd still buzzed from the previous match, both players struggled to find their rhythm, resulting in a slower-paced start to the game. 

The deadlock persisted as neither player could gain a decisive advantage, with the match remaining evenly poised at 2-2 after a series of held legs and exchanged breaks. As the tension mounted, both Aspinall and Cross showcased their scoring prowess, inching their averages into the low 100s, yet neither could force an error from their opponent. With the game dead heat, it inevitably progressed to a nail-biting final leg decider. 

Despite Cross holding the advantage of throwing first, Aspinall seized the moment, breaking Cross's throw to secure a hard-fought 6-5 victory. The win set up an intriguing showdown with his Target teammate Luke Littler, promising another thrilling encounter in the Premier League. 


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Peter Wright vs. Luke Humphries

In the first semi-final match between Peter Wright and Luke Humphries, anticipation ran high as Wright aimed to build upon what could arguably be his best performance in the Premier League thus far. However, he faced a formidable challenge in the reigning world champion. 

Humphries wasted no time asserting his dominance, comfortably securing the first two legs with averages well over 105. Despite Wright's valiant efforts, including a swift 12-dart break of throw to narrow the gap to 2-1, Humphries quickly retaliated, breaking back to regain a two-leg advantage. 

Wright showcased glimpses of his top form, but it wasn't enough to halt Humphries' momentum. In a relentless display, Humphries surged ahead, winning the next three legs consecutively, denying Wright any opportunity to stage a comeback. With this commanding performance, Humphries secured his place in back-to-back Premier League finals for the first time in his career, leaving Wright to rue what might have been.


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Luke Littler vs. Nathan Aspinall

In the next semi-final clash between Luke Littler and Nathan Aspinall, spectators were treated to a display of unprecedented scoring prowess from both players. Aspinall wasted no time in matching Littler's remarkable scoring ability, engaging in a fierce battle in the opening three legs. The tension mounted as Aspinall executed an impressive 11-dart leg to seize an early 2-1 lead. 

The high standard of play persisted as both competitors held their throws in the subsequent legs, showcasing unwavering confidence on the stage. However, the first crack in Littler's armour emerged as Aspinall capitalised on a rare opportunity, completing the first break of throw of the game to establish a commanding two-leg advantage. Aspinall continued to showcase his striking form, holding his throw once again and putting himself within touching distance of securing a spot in the night's final. 

Despite a moment of vulnerability with seven missed match darts in the eighth leg, Aspinall maintained his composure. Littler managed to claw back one leg, narrowing the deficit to 5-3, but Aspinall remained resolute. In the subsequent leg, Aspinall profited on another chance to close out the match, clinching a decisive two-dart 69 checkout and securing a major upset victory over the in-form 17-year-old.


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Final: Luke Humphries vs. Nathan Aspinall

In a fast-paced final showdown between Luke Humphries and Nathan Aspinall, Humphries wasted no time asserting his dominance on the oche, swiftly claiming the first two legs to establish an early lead. 

However, Aspinall retaliated with a spectacular 120 shanghai finish, showcasing his resilience and securing his first leg of the game. Despite Aspinall's impressive scoring, he struggled to gain momentum due to his inconsistency in finishing. 

With Humphries holding a 4-2 advantage, Aspinall ignited a brief comeback with another impressive checkout, this time a crucial 90 via the bull and double 20. Yet, Humphries remained unfazed, extinguishing Aspinall's spark and quelling any hopes of a comeback. 

The drama was soon subdued as Humphries calmly sealed the next two legs, clinching a commanding 6-3 victory. With this triumph, Humphries secured back-to-back Premier League nights, catapulting him to the top of the table in impressive fashion.


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