2024 Premier League: Michael van Gerwen Set to Continue Dominance over Luke Littler

Michael van Gerwen faces Luke Littler in Nottingham, aiming to maintain dominance despite recent struggles and an injury, while offering advice to the rising star.

Louis Hobbs
Louis Hobbs

Last Updated: 2024-03-13

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Premier League Night Seven in Nottingham

As Premier League Darts descends upon Nottingham for its seventh night of electrifying action, all eyes are set on the anticipated showdown between Michael van Gerwen and Luke Littler. The clash promises to be a spectacle, especially considering the intriguing dynamics between the two players.

Mighty Mike vs. The Nuke

Van Gerwen, the Dutch darting maestro, has been a dominant force in the sport for years. However, recent performances have seen him falter, with a string of defeats marking his last four televised appearances. Despite sitting at the top of the Premier League table, van Gerwen finds himself in a precarious position, grappling with a slump in form that has raised questions among fans and pundits alike.

The tension mounts as van Gerwen prepares to face off against Littler, a rising star whose talent has been acknowledged even by his opponent. Littler has made history this year, securing victories on his debut in the World Series events, the Players Championship Pro Tour, and most notably, the European Tour, where he recently clinched the 2024 Blåkläder Belgian Darts Open. 

However, Michael van Gerwen has emerged as a major stumbling block for the 17-year-old, casting a shadow over his otherwise impressive achievements.


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MVG is Littler’s Kryptonite

In a post-match interview with, van Gerwen shared his thoughts on Littler, acknowledging the young player's talent and potential. Despite van Gerwen's confidence in his ability to defeat Littler, their rivalry is far from dismissed. Van Gerwen's own struggles add a layer of uncertainty to the upcoming match, as he navigates both physical and mental challenges on his quest for redemption.

Despite the intensity of their encounter, van Gerwen dismissed any notion of a rivalry with Littler, confidently stating, "Not really. I keep beating him." This assertion underscores van Gerwen's dominance over Littler, as he has now emerged victorious in their previous three meetings. Their first encounter occurred in the 2024 Bahrain Masters finals, where Littler managed to defeat the seven-time Premier League champion, however, it has been a different story ever since. 

This consistent success against Littler suggests that van Gerwen has learned how to handle the young superstar and feels confident in his ability to outperform him in future tournaments. Although, his recent losses cast a shadow of doubt over his ability to deliver under pressure.


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Van Gerwen’s Concerning Injury

Additionally, van Gerwen's physical condition adds another dimension to the narrative, with reports suggesting that he's been nursing a shoulder injury since his exit from the 2024 UK Open. The injury has seemingly impacted his performance on the oche, raising concerns about his readiness for the upcoming challenge.

The Pressures of Rising Stardom

Acknowledging the pressures weighing on Luke Littler's young shoulders, Michael van Gerwen, perhaps uniquely positioned as a seasoned player who similarly burst onto the scene as a young adult in 2007, offered the 17-year-old some sage advice. "He's a phenomenal player, no doubt about it. He has a lot of talent, and he has got a great career in front of him," van Gerwen commented on Littler's performance. Despite his praise, van Gerwen subtly hinted at the challenges Littler faces under pressure, drawing from his own journey in the sport.

Encouraging Littler to strike a balance and explore interests beyond darts, van Gerwen emphasised the importance of a holistic approach to development. "What he does in his spare time makes him a better player, it will help him in the long run," van Gerwen affirmed. 

The Premier League Roadshow Continues

As the stage is set for their encounter in Nottingham, van Gerwen's words echo with significance, underscoring the complexities of professional sports. With both players striving for victory, the match promises to be a captivating spectacle, defined by skill, determination, and the pursuit of excellence.

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